Remembering the 2016 PhotoPlus Expo

The PhotoPlus Expo shrunk in size, for 2016. There were fewer vendors on the expo floor. So few that you were able to breathe in-between aisles. That's so unusual for PPE.  But it was still a blast.  We had a chance to speak with many people, watch classes and speaker sessions and much more.

PhotoPlus Expo is always a great time.

Some of our favorites included:

  • A preview of ON1 Photo RAW (they did not have a booth)
  • A preview of MacPhun Luminar (they did not have a booth)
  • Hanging out at the JPEGMini booth (use coupon code scottwyden to save 20%)
  • Seeing the DJI Mavic Pro at the B&H booth
  • Checking out the new MagMod products
  • Seeing Tamara Lackey teach photographing children at pets at the Nikon booth
  • Seeing Christine Tremoulet teaching a blogging class
  • Seeing Colby Brown teaching about pushing limits at the Sony booth
  • Seeing Nick Pappagallo teaching at the Adobe and Panasonic booths
  • Talking to so many photographers using WordPress

Here are a few photos from the expo.

If you have photos from PPE, please comment with a link to your gallery.

Thanks to those who chatted with us on the expo floor.  See you at the next PhotoPlus Expo!

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