Meet the NEW NextGEN Gallery Uploader

We've enhanced the NextGEN Gallery uploader to be lighter, faster, and extendable. Here is a realtime look at an upload of 77 images at nearly 200MB total, to a live server on a live website. The uploader can perform up to 500% faster than the previous uploader, depending on your server and WordPess setup, and it uploads your images in parallel instead of individually.

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Speed Up Your Editing Workflow with Tourbox

Tourbox is a compact device that sits on your desk. It looks like you'd pick it up and start playing video games. But you don't. It can be fully customized how you want each button and knob to perform for any software. It comes with preset configurations built-in, for Lightroom and Photoshop.

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Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

The best WordPress plugins for photographers, in one professionally curated list designed to inspire and direct you towards website success. If you are planning to create a WordPress site for your photography business, then this is a great starting point for you. Having a site that offers everything you need to run your photography business can be such a time saver. There are no reasons to have a WordPress website alongside a Smugmug gallery or to have a WordPress blog alongside a Showit site. Especially since WordPress can be your website, your blog and maintain a lot, if not all, of your business tasks.

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