whats-new-nextgen-gallery-plus-proThe update we have out today is super fun.  We have a bunch of UI changes we're making, like a new Add Gallery button. But we're slowly migrating to it as to not confuse the 1.3 million users of NextGEN Gallery.

We're also adding Yoast SEO integration, the API for our upcoming Lightroom plugin and new placeholder watermarks.

Watch the video to learn more about each of these notable changes.

Backup Before Upgrading

Please consider backing up your site (both server files & MySQL Database) whenever updating plugins.  Here are some backup recommendations.


Download NextGEN Gallery from WordPress.org or visit the Plugin page in your WordPress admin area to utilize the auto-update feature.

Changes in 2.1.44:

  • NEW: "Add Gallery" button added next to "Add Media" button on Create/Edit Post screen
  • NEW: IGW placeholder images are watermarked
  • NEW: Added API for communicating with Lightroom plugin
  • NEW: Gulp build system
  • NEW: Added "ngg_igw_placeholder_line_2_settings" and "ngg_igw_placeholder_line_1_settings" filters
  • NEW: Added "ngg_settings_during_image_generation" filter to adjust image generation
  • NEW: Added "ngg_before_save_thumbnail" filter for image manipulation abilities
  • NEW: Added the ability to apply GD filters during image generation
  • NEW: Integrated with WordPress SEO sitemaps to show include NGG images in image counts
  • Changed: Links to manage a gallery after it's been created don't appear in the IGW
  • Fixed: Freemius code shouldn't be minified
  • Fixed: When a datamapper entity is saved, it's corresponding cache should be cleared
  • Fixed: IGW placeholder images aren't used by WordPress SEO's OpenGraph analysis

Changes in 2.1.45:

  • Fixed: Freemius assets should not be minified

Changes in 2.1.46

  • Fixed: Remove inner nextgen-gallery folder due to build issue

For the history of changes, view the full changelog.

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  1. Hi Scott,
    Integration with Yoast is excellent :). How and where can I see the source of the xml file? I can only click through the sitemaps and end up on the actual page.

    1. Hi Jack,

      When viewing a sitemap file, you can do a View Source like any other page you’re viewing in a browser. That will show you the source code.

  2. Found it. Weird, when I first did this the source was rather small, but perhaps it wasn’t regenerated yet. Thanks.

  3. Hi!

    I have some troubles with new version of plugin. In thumbnail mode it add extra “&” in page link. Its look like “http://orktos.ru/photos/photo_czech/photo_prague_zoo/nggallery&/page/2” instead “http://orktos.ru/photos/photo_czech/photo_prague_zoo/nggallery/page/2”. Is it a bug or a feauture? 😉

  4. According to previos message – this links appears when I check my site with SEO Spider. In normal mode all work good.

  5. Hi!

    Great update but I think you should add a setting where the user can decide if the links to the thumbnails or the original images should be in the sitemap.

    I’ve already uploaded all the images in the size and quality I want them displayed. Why should I resize them again?

    1. This is done already by way of having the Resize on Upload option turned on or off. If off, it will use thumbnails. If on, it will use the larger resized images being used on the front end. If you turn on resize after the fact, the plugin should still use the larger versions even without reuploading images.

      1. Ok. In my case I export the images from Lightroom with long edge 960 px. If I choose width: 960 height: 960 and quality 100% in the settings there will be no processing when I upload new images where I loose image quality?

        1. That’s correct. You could even set it at 1000px on both sides, because NextGEN won’t upscale. So those would completely bypass the resizer.

          1. Thank you! Unfortunately I have now discovered another problem. When I upload images with this new setting, the date of the file is changed to the upload date. Before the photo date was intact. I have my photos sorted by photo date. If I change an old image the sorting order becomes wrong.

            Is there anyway to fix this?

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