After you create a gallery and upload your images, follow these steps to add your gallery to a page or blog post.



Follow the steps below to access our Add Gallery Window. Or if you prefer to continue using the Classic Editor, follow the instructions below the video below:

The [Gutenberg editor] Add Gallery Window is accessed by hovering over the (+) symbol and select the NextGEN Gallery 'Add Gallery' icon to the right as shown in this screenshot below.

Or click on the (+) symbol and select the NextGEN Gallery block under 'Common Blocks' as shown in this screenshot below (or searching for 'NextGEN Gallery' above the list):


As of WordPress v5.0 you will need to install the Classic Editor plugin if you would rather continue editing your posts and pages the way you have been used to, following the instructions below.

The [classic editor] Add Gallery Window is accessed by clicking on the NextGEN Gallery 'Add Gallery' button (next to 'Add Media'), above the text edit toolbar on your page or post:

2) A pop up window will appear, here you can select your display type (i.e. Thumbnail gallery, Slideshow, Imagebrowser, Tagcloud, or Album):

3) Next, under 'Insert into Page' > Choose Display, by default the dropdown option list will say 'Galleries'. If you're inserting a gallery, leave that option as is. If you're inserting an album, select 'Albums' from the list. Click once in the next field below it to select a gallery to insert into the page or post.

4) Inserting the gallery (or album) into the the page or post, the custom settings that will be applied are the default set under Gallery > Gallery Settings in the dashboard. You may modify these settings for this specific gallery under 'Insert Into Page > Customize Display Settings' in the Add Gallery window. The modifications you make will be applied to this gallery only.

5) When you are finished, select 'Insert Gallery' and the gallery will be added into your page or post as a gallery placement box, like this:

The pencil icon is used to re-open the Add Gallery window and edit your gallery. The 'x' icon is used to remove the gallery from the page or post.


6) You're finished! Go ahead and click publish or update on your page or post.  🙂


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