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All you have to do is recommend Imagely products, like NextGEN Gallery using your affiliate link on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

Why Promote NextGEN Gallery?

NextGEN Gallery is the best and most popular WordPress gallery plugin. With social addons, albums and slideshows, image protection features, deep linking capabilities, proofing, e-commerce with automated print fulfillment, and much more.

NextGEN Gallery is fast and offers the best support in the market. In short, this is the best WordPress plugin for albums and galleries for showing off your images.

Last but not least, you earn 25% of every sale which can be as much as about $72.75 per sale.

Affiliates are our partners, and we want them to make money. Our affiliates are earning thousands per month.

Ready to make money with Imagely?

First thing you need to do is join our affiliate program.

Click here to join our affiliate program

Payments are made once per month, for the previous month. First, because we offer a strong 14 day guarantee on themes and plugins , we wait a full 30 days to approve and pay commissions. So your January commissions will be paid out first week of March.

Second, you will receive all your commission notifications at once when we approve commissions at the beginning of each month. You can still see how you are doing real-time by logging into the affiliate system and clicking on COMMISSIONS >> PENDING APPROVAL. That page will show a list of all your commissions to date.

Our system sometimes generates duplicate commissions for a single sale. We identify duplicates by looking for the same purchase emails, IP addresses, times, and affiliates, and we delete those duplicates as part of the approval process. We also delete any commissions where the customer has requested a refund.

One other note – our affiliate program is set up to send commission payments at $40. It is a necessary precaution so people don’t set up affiliate accounts just to buy the theme themselves using their affiliate account. As soon as you make a second sale, we start the approval process.

That’s a quick review of how we approve and pay commissions. If you have questions, please let us know.

We also want to mention that there are a few ways to use the affiliate program. There are banners available for you. They are found in the Marketing Materials section under BANNERS. You can also utilize the pre-made text ads available under the TEXT ADS and of course, standard text links are available under the TEXT LINKS section.

Last, but not least, there are multiple campaigns available:

You are welcome to use whichever you prefer, but can also create your own custom links under the ALTERNATE INCOMING PAGE LINKS section.


Right click and choose SAVE for our logo, light logo and icon. The Imagely logo uses a font called Monstserrat, which can be downloaded from Google.


For use on lighter backgrounds

Imagely Logo with light text for dark backgrounds

For use on darker backgrounds

The Imagely Logo Icon

The Logo Icon



Try these graphics on your website. Download them all in one ZIP file here.

Affiliate Tips & Advice

  • Reviews are timeless, so don’t be afraid to continually re-promote your reviews over time.  Get a social schedule and take advantage of it. Here’s a little on that.
  • Cross-promote content whenever relevant.  Don’t be afraid to post on LinkedIn, Google + Communities, Flickr or Facebook Groups.  If it’s relevant, people will appreciate it.
  • Participate in conversations about WordPress and photographers. Share your knowledge on the subject and when it fits, talk about your experiences with Imagely products.

Instead of just trying to add a text link in a blog article or links page, try adding screenshots. Take a screenshot of the product you’re trying to market and using a Photoshop like tool, add commentary with arrows and text. Show specific components of the product. Make your screenshots eye-catching and convert more affiliate sales.

Show your website visitors clear screenshots of the Imagely theme in action. If you don’t own the theme, visit the demos and pick your favorite preset. The better the quality, the better the conversion. Use your blog’s real estate and make the screenshot as large as it can fit, nicely.

Promoting freebies, like our Image SEO document, or NextGEN Gallery or our form boilerplate can be highly converting.

When the Imagely theme has an update with either bug fixes or new features, share it with your community.  Log into your affiliate panel, create an alternate incoming link and link to the changelog announcement.  Doing so will grab people’s attention and also increase the chance of making sales.

Displaying an affiliate ad on your website can be effective to make sales, but being honest and organic can increase that chance dramatically.  Make a list of 10 short tips about the Imagely Theme, or 10 things you love about it.  Then use Buffer App to schedule these tips to scatter over time.  Use your affiliate link or link to your review of the Imagely Themes.  Combine all of these things and boost your sales.

Read How to tell Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest what to share

There is a feature in the affiliate software called Alternative Incoming Page Links. The reason why this can be useful for is you because of blog articles and pages. Let’s say you really enjoyed the latest blog article from us. You can log in to your affiliate account, paste the blog link into the Alternative Incoming Page Links section and then share the article using your link.

This means that anyone who clicks the link you shared, will automatically be tracked using your affiliate link and if a purchase is made, you receive the commission.

Mentioning the Imagely theme in an article might get you some clicks. However, the best way to convert those clicks to affiliate sales is to write an in depth article about the theme.

  • At detailed context in your article, explaining the many benefits of theme
  • Record a screencast to compliment the text content
  • Use high quality screenshots to show the backend and features.
  • Use the alternatie incoming links feature and link to various demos

We had a question come in from a Imagely affiliate, and this month we will answer the question as the affiliate tip.

Within your affiliate links, is there a place for me to put a tracking code so I can see where clicks come from?

There sure is.  If you log into your affiliate panel, you will see a tab that says Traffic Log.  There you will be able to see trackable sources of click throughs and using this section, you can see what articles/pages are driving affiliate traffic.

Do you know a masked affiliate link is?   Basically it is when an affiliate marketer uses yourdomain.com/affiliate-name rather than affiliate-name.com/yourid.  This is commonly done when an affiliate marketer wants to hide the fact that they’re using affiliate links rather than being open about it with their readers.  However, my personal view is that is helps with branding while promoting other products.

If you’re interested in affiliate masking, here are some ways you can go about it.

Recent BufferApp studies have shown that if you tweet about a product more than once in a day you are much more likely to get clicks and conversions.  So come up with around 5 different tweets you can share about the Imagely Themes and then post them at optimal times throughout the day.  If that works for you, try it on Facebook or Google Plus as well.

Make sure that whatever you write is personal and not a sales pitch.  Otherwise it’s less likely to convert.

Also, use FollowerWonk combined with BufferApp to see the best times to tweet.

We do not allow coupon and deal sites as affiliates of Imagely, or other LionSher Technologies brands. Any sales from coupon and deal sites shall not qualify as a qualified commission.

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