Where To Find Legitimate Photography Contracts You Can Use

A photography contract with a sign here sticker placed on top of a black board

Drafting photography contracts is an essential part of not just setting up your photography business but also protecting it. Just like you would put processes in place for your marketing, bookkeeping, and client communications, keeping an updated contract is equally crucial - even as a beginner. You may develop great relationships with your clients but without a legally binding agreement - that holds both parties responsible - there's always a risk of coming face to face with situations that might hamper those relationships and the business you've built. Whether you are a beginner or have been in the industry for a while now, contracts can save you and your clients from wasting time, energy, resources. If you don't have a contract yet or are still using one from when you first started in the industry, today's blog takes you through the importance of contracts, what to include in them, and where you can find contract templates online. 


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