For many years now we have been doing the annual Imagely Fund where we provide $5,000 - $10,000 grants to humanitarian and environmental photographers.

Originally this grant was called the Photocrati Fund, until we rebranded our company as Imagely.

Photocrati was founded with a philanthropic, humanitarian mindset. The idea was to always give back to the world however we could.

So for many years we have been offering these grants and working with some amazing photographers, but everything has an ending. As of December 2020 we are putting a pause on the Imagely Fund for the indefinite future.

There is a chance that in the future we will either bring it back or modify it or do something different.

But for now the 2019/2020 winners are the last of the grant recipients.

We hope that you continue to stay in touch with what we have going on at Imagely and of course if you are on the email list, and you were paying attention to the Imagely Fund emails, then you will know if and when we relaunch it, something similar, or something new that it has this idea of giving back again until then.

Thank you for your continued interest and support in the Imagely Fund!

Scott Wyden Kivowitz
Chief Community Officer

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