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Navigate to Appearance → Customize → Body → Forms (Input - Textarea) to style the elements of any contact form/forms that are added to your site pages and comment forms on your blog posts.

Note that these Customizer settings work best with the use of the WPForms plugin.


  • Label Color: changes the color of the form label texts.
Forms Label Color settings
  • Padding (px): Increases the padding of the Forms fields.
<em>Forms padding settings<em>
  • Font Size: adjusts the font size of texts that fills out the form.
Forms font size settings
  • Border Width: sets the border width of the form fields.
  • Border Radius: changes the border radius of the form fields.
Form border-radius and border-width settings
  • Border Color: sets the color border of forms fields.
  • Border Color - Focus: changes the color border of forms fields when they are focused.
  • Background Color: modifies the background color of the form fields.
  • Color: establishes the font color of the form fields.
Forms color settings
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