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Image Meta Data

EN allows you to import metadata from all of your images, and also provides an option to display part of that metadata in our Lightbox Effects.

Checking your Metadata information

Let's say that we upload an image named "20200113-Landscape 07.JPG" and here are the details of that photo.

Image details

  1. Navigate to Gallery > Manage Gallery > [select gallery to edit]
  2. Go to the individual image you would like to check.
  3. The Title of the Image will be imported as the 'Alt & Title' text in NextGEN Gallery. If your photo metadata before uploading has a title, then NextGen Gallery will use that. But if there is no meta title, then it will use the image’s filename instead.
  4. The Subject / Caption of the image will be imported as the description in NextGEN Gallery.
    Caption description
  5. The Tags/ Keywords of the image will be imported as the tags for the image in NextGEN Gallery.
    Shows the colum tags with the word snow
  6. And finally, click on the "Meta" link underneath the thumbnail. Some additional information about the image will be visible: Width, Height, and the md5 hash.
    Shows the link meta that will display more information about the photo


Import metadata

By default, the meta should be imported automatically upon upload. To ensure it all is imported or if you add a new image, you can select 'import metadata' through the Manage Gallery area here:


Steps to Import:

  1. Navigate to Gallery > Manage Gallery > [select gallery to edit]
  2. Select all or individual images to import.
  3. Select in bulk actions dropdown 'Import metadata' and then click 'Apply'.
  4. When the process is complete, be sure to save changes!
  5. Titles and descriptions will appear in the info (caption) area of your gallery displays.


Learn how to create/add a gallery:

  1. Adding Images (Uploading/Zip Files/Image Folders).
  2. Adding Galleries.
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