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Manage Coupon Codes

Coupon codes will provide the added benefit of offering your customers a discount for your products or prints. You can apply a percentage off (i.e., 25%) or a flat rate off (i.e., $5.00). Your customers must apply the coupon code from the specified field at the checkout screen.

To enable coupons go to Ecommerce > Ecommerce Options, scroll down to the Hide Coupons on Checkout option and set it to No.

Note: To start using the Coupons feature, you will need a NextGEN Pro license or higher.

Creating coupons

Navigate to Ecommerce > Manage Coupons in your WordPress dashboard. At the top of this screen, select Add New:

Next, we'll need to fill in coupon details. Here is a list of fields available to help create the coupon code:

  • Title - Add a short description of the coupon.
  • Code - Here is where you'll add the code used by your customers when checking out. Be sure each code you create is unique!
  • Discount type - You can offer a percentage % off or a flat rate, i.e., $5 off
  • Discount amount - This field will determine the amount of the discount depending on the Discount type you selected
  • Start date & End date - This setting defines when a coupon is active and when it will expire. Leave the end date blank if you do not want your coupon to expire. You can come back and adjust these dates anytime.
  • Usage limit - If you want to limit the number of times a coupon is used, you can set it here or leave the field blank for unlimited usage.

Once you've finished setting up your coupon code, click the Save button to enable the coupon.

How it works for customers

At checkout, the user will insert their coupon code. In this example, the coupon code is 50MM%, which will apply a 50% discount to the order. Here is an example of a coupon successfully applied:

If a user adds a coupon code with a typo or an old expired coupon, an error message will appear saying "invalid coupon":

That's it! Now you're all set to start providing discounts to your customers!

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