Are you wondering how to install NextGEN Gallery or NextGEN Pro?

Below are two quick tutorials on how to install both.

Installing NextGEN Gallery: read the documentation

Installing NextGEN Pro: read the documentation

Of course, if you have questions let us know.

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  1. i would like to know if upgrade to Pro . Can i import any image sizes and would they be optimized automatically

    1. You can specify what size you want the front end images resized to. You can also install a plugin like Imagify to compress your resized images all with keeping your backups safe in their original form.

  2. Hi Scott,

    Just watched your two videos above. I look forward to finding many more. Having just installed NextGEN Gallery Pro with eCommerce. I’m a Headshot Photographer in NYC and would like to (finally) post an Album for SAG-AFTRA and 47 Galleries of folks generous enough to give Blood at the annual Blood Drive.

    Question: Is there a ‘Download’ that would set me up with the eCommerce Demo Site that I saw (somewhere), that is preset for Proofing and Drag & Drop?



    1. Hi Jim,

      All you have to do is purchase NextGEN Pro and then install it alongside NextGEN Gallery to have proofing and ecommerce available on your site.

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