NextGEN Gallery has been updated and is now available in the WordPress plugin directory and in self hosted WordPress installs.


Download NextGEN Gallery from or visit your WordPress administration to utilize the auto update feature.


  • NEW: Added the ability to detect JQuery conflicts on NGG Admin Pages and auto-resolve
  • Changed: Added "nggalbum" shortcode. Use this when Jetpack is installed.
  • Changed: Using natural sorting algorithm for alphanumeric values
  • Changed: Database schema is automatically updated when out-of-date
  • Fixed: Empty drop-down for "Page Link To"
  • Fixed: Alphabetical image sorting
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Arjuna X theme
  • Fixed: “Creating default object from empty value” on album page
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with PHP 5.4 on album page
  • Fixed: E_DEPRECATED warning when using get_userdatabylogin() function
  • Fixed: Removed many E_NOTICE errors
  • Fixed: Correct use of register_uninstall_hook across all PHP versions
  • Fixed:   Fixed several incompatibility issues with Jetpack

For the history of changes, view the full changelog.


JQuery conflict detection can be disabled by adding: “define(‘NGG_JQUERY_CONFLICT_DETECTION’, false)” to wp-config.php

JQuery Collision Detection is a mechanism that resolves conflicts of multiple versions of JQuery or JQuery UI libraries being loaded at the same time. Often, third-party plugins/themes will bundle their own version of jQuery/jQuery UI. When NextGEN Gallery detects this, it reverts to using the version supplied by WordPress on the NextGEN Gallery Admin pages to ensure integrity and compatibility.

Report Issues:

We encourage any bugs you experience to be reported here.

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