NextGEN Gallery has been updated and is now available in the WordPress plugin directory and in self hosted WordPress installs.


Download NextGEN Gallery from or visit your WordPress administration to utilize the auto update feature.


  • Changed: Branding changes following Photocrati acquisition (removed donation messages and updated links)
  • Changed: Added Facebook and Twitter buttons in admin section
  • Secured: Use WordPress-bundled JavaScript libraries for swfobject and swfupload instead of bundling our own
  • Bugfix: Adjusted thickbox effect styling to ensure that the lightbox is always displayed in the foreground
  • Bugfix: Fixed compatibility issues with Contact Form 7 and other plugins by following WordPress Plugin conventions
  • Bugfix: Fixed network-wide activation in WordPress 3.4
  • Bugfix: Plugin is no longer dependent on its folder name

Report Issues:

We encourage any bugs you experience to be reported at BitBucket.

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    1. Nope, Alex is no longer involved with the development of NextGEN Gallery.

  1. I am looking forward to seeing where NextGen goes with new direction. I have always been frustrated with the general css and options for layout and captions. I would also love to see multi user support so users can upload there own images and manage their own galleries without being an admin.

    1. Mike,

      Users can control their own galleries already. You will just have to give them permission to do so using the roles. The CSS styling updates are coming in the future as well.

      1. I do see the roles section, but I was under the impression that a specific assigned roll could see and edit all galleries, just not one specific user gallery?

        1. The roles section is not under the admin bar menu, only the side menu. You have the ability to limit of editing their own only.

  2. Hi Scott,

    Will NGG support Amazon S3 or another CDN? If you will do that, it will be soon? I’m waiting for it and my 17,800 pictures.

    Thanks and congratulations.


  3. Looking forward to all the upcoming changes.
    feature request: a robust method of adding a variety of extra data fields to be associated with each image.

    i was able to build this myself but i know it would be useful to a variety of others. I can chat with you and give you that code if you want. maybe meet up at wordcamp sf?

  4. hallo,
    i have a wordpress site but for other applications, I am learning joomla.
    Can we expect one day nextgen can be used in joomla galery page instead of phoca, exposé 4,… ?

    best regards

  5. WARNING! To all WP admins using NextGen-Gallery in a multisite setup and using not a blog separated folder structure 1.9.5 is broken! I use wp-content/gallery/ as a common source for my gallery images but in the blogs option and import image folder this is not working any longer as behind the scene NextGen is always using wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/ instead of the setup I used to have in the networks setup. This bug is since the last beta and was reported but not fixed right now. So lucky am I that I have a stage setup to check prior to update my plugins on my live environment!

    1. Correct, but we can only fix a certain amount of bugs at once and by priorities. More bug fixes to come.

      1. But this bug was introduced by your beta and was not there before! And this is an essential thing that needs a high priority as it stops the NextGen Gallery from working to all with a multisite environment!

        1. I see you submitted it on BitBucket – the developers are looking at the problem.

  6. I’m loving the make-over. Will there be a paid version of this thing?

    1. Down the road there will be a premium version

  7. With this update, We can finaly center a single photo? Or post two photos side by side, on the same line?

    1. This update took care of important bug fixes that were the highest priority. Styling fixes will come as well.

  8. Hi, Scott, I translated NGG into Simplified Chinese since 1.2.1. I upload language pack to NGG Google Code page before. I’m willing to continue the contribution. Would you let me know where to submit it and hope it’s as simple as before 🙂

  9. Scott-I was hoping the new release would take of the issue I have in that no thumbnails appear of my galleries. When I try to re-generate them, I get a ‘PHP Memory Limit’ error. Any ideas?

    1. Hi John,

      That error isn’t a NextGEN Gallery one, it’s actually a limitation with your host more than likely.

  10. After updating to 1.9.5 flash-upload no longer works. I have another site with version 1.9.3. I tested flash-upload before and after updating to 1.9.5. It worked before updating to 1.9.5.

    I run af muliti-site, and have used the flash-upload on subsite with no problems, that is until updating to 1.9.5.

    I hope that this can be solved?

      1. Hi Scott

        I looked at your second link, for bugs, and signed up at, but I am danish and do not understand what it is all about. Sorry.

        I have posted the problem in support instead.

    1. In the menu under Old Pages > Shortcodes

  11. I posted in the WordPress forum a couple of times about the font color (contrast) of the description text but received no responses. The description text is important to us but the lack of contrast makes reading difficult for some of our visitors. How can I change the description text color? I am not a programming type guy but I looked at the code I tried a couple of things but, alas, no success.
    Other than the above, NextGEN is fantastic.

    1. Have you posted since we acquired the plugin or before? We are trying to get to every support question as fast as we can. Thank you for your patience.

  12. Forgive me if i’m looking in the wrong location, but my NextGen gallery does not offer an upgrade option (i’m on 1.9.3 right now). Why?

  13. Since Update 1.9.5 the shortcode for own templates doesn’t work any more. All Images are shown but with the standard template.

    [nggtags gallery=foo template=bar]

    Does someone find a workaround already?

  14. Hi guys, I find it absolutely super fantastic and great and well done and everything. I have been an avid user of NGG, and I was pretty annoyed to see it as a small project with great functionality, high ideals, and then it just went kaput over time. I am sure the crew here, now, will make this one of the best and most widely used WP gallery plugins…

    Congrats again,



    1. We have big plans, so stay tuned Dan. You’ll love what is to come!

  15. Scott, one thing I really hope gets addressed is the implementation of the caption in the “Show as Slideshow”. It should show the image TITLE, not the image description. Descriptions are usually longer than titles and longer strings push the slide navigation outside of the image frame so they are not accessible.

    Here is an example:

    And a little nit-pick… if not too late, I think swapping “gallery” with “album” makes more sense (a gallery is customarily thought to being able to contain albums, rather than vice-versa.)

    Otherwise, LOVE NGG!

    Thanks for listening!

  16. Amazon S3 support for NGG would be the best on earth!

  17. I don’t have any questions or concerns. Just want to say THANK YOU Scott for being to open and available to individual questions!!!!

    1. You’re welcome Lynnette. That is our goal 🙂

    1. The plugin will remain free with an option premium version

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