NextGEN Gallery has been updated and is now available in the WordPress plugin directory and in self hosted WordPress installs.


Download NextGEN Gallery from or visit your WordPress administration to utilize the auto update feature.


  • Changed: Implemented workaround for bug found in the WordPress SEO plugin, resulting in no images being added to sitemap
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with users not being able to dismiss the "Photocrati Acquisition Notice"
  • Bugfix: Adjusted Javascript for activating social media pages to load on NextGEN Gallery pages only.
  • Bugfix: Fixed compatibility issue with Simple Facebook Connect
  • Bugfix: Using correct Facebook Page ID in Like button

Report Issues:

We encourage any bugs you experience to be reported here.

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  1. Hello, is it possible to do a Facebook Like or share button on the “Highslide-Effect” or any other?

  2. Hi, I have enable the cooliris option of the Nextgen plugin. When I view the gallery in cooliris, there is an option to view in 3D. However when I click the option, it redirects me to (the domain is no longer active – expired). Should it be that way?

    Otherwise its a great plugin. Keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Zack, Piclens changed their domain to Is it the NextGEN plugin that is sending you there or Cooliris?

  3. Did this definitely fix the “Photocrati Acquisition Notice” problem? Because I just got 1.9.6 installed on my test server, and I can’t dismiss that damn message…

    1. The support forum is the right place to get assistance on debugging the issue.

  4. I’ve just installed the newest edition of the gallery, and I’m wondering if anyone else is having a problem with changing the styles?
    Actually, I’m trying to get the images to align horizontally, but just cant seem to find out how. Changing the styles makes absolutely no differences…

  5. Is it possible to create a slideshow from an album?

    1. Jana, slideshows can only be created from galleries

  6. Hi,
    I keep having the problem that when I resize my (responsive) website, the thumbails only resizes in width.

    In the wordpress gallery, one could easily fix this misbehavior by adding:
    .gallery img { max-width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; }
    to the css.

    Do you have an idea how to fix this in nextgen?

    First is the nextgen gallery, second one is the wordpress gallery (how it should be)

    I would really appreciate your help, I am googling and trying to workaround for 10+ hours now :-/


  7. That announcement that you have put at the top of the dashboard loads every time you load a page in the admin area. Please fix this. There are many complaints in your support area. It does not seem to impact on all sites, but it does on the mine. link provided. Thanks

    1. Please send us an email using the contact form – not everyone is having this issue and it’s usually caused by a conflict with another plugin.

  8. I cannot dismiss the “Important Announcement” notification. It shows up every time on every Admin screen. WordPress 3.4.2. How can I avoid this kind of abuse of the notifications from your side? Thank you.

    1. Hi Marin,

      There are threads about this on the support forum. So far, we’ve noticed users have other plugins that call JQuery outside of WordPress that is conflicting with the built-in JQuery. Please try disabling other plugins, then dismissing the notification. Then you can reactivate. That has worked for others.

    2. Oh. Not to forget. The Nextgen Gallery is the first and the ONLY plugin I installed so conflict is out of the question.

      1. Interesting. Have you submitted a thread at the support forum?

  9. Scott – is there a way to password protect galleries? I am trying to setup a proofing section for clients and I don’t want anyone with a link to the gallery to be able to access it.

    Also – when I am adding a Slideshow Widget, I don’t want it to show password protected galleries.

    I might be missing something…


  10. Ooops another one. I posted this in the support forums, but I wanted to post it here also – since I believe it’s a bug (and looks like the support forum there isn’t much answered):

    I am getting “Invalid upload. Error Code : 7” on a gallery upload process that has more than 50 images. The gallery leads up fine but only with 50 pics.

    Tried a single pic to upload to the already existing 50 image gallery, no go, i get the Invalid upload. Error Code : 7.

    Same image uploaded to a gallery with 3 images, works fine.

    Is there a max upload limit set per gallery??


    1. The support forum is the right place for the question/error. There is no upload limit, but your host could be limiting upload sizes and bandwidth.

      1. thanks Scott – I posted that in the support forum but it seems kind of quiet there – heh.
        My host does not limit uploads sizes or bandwidth. The fact that I tried to upload one single 300 Kb pic to the gallery with 50 pics tells me that something is topped off.
        Again, the upload of that single image to a gallery with 3 pics worked.


        1. WordPress by default limits uploads to a point, as do hosts. It could be that yours is set high. It can also be conflicts with other plugins. However, hopefully someone in the forum will be able to help you out soon.

  11. Thanks again Scott – sorry to be so insistent but I want to learn all the ins and outs of this plugin because I believe it’s awesome.

    One last question for the week: does it support IPTC metadata?

    In other words, I’d like the lightboxed image to display the caption of the image at least (also the filename since Google likes that!).


    1. It supports basic EXIF data at the moment. We hope to add full metadata support in the future.

  12. Scott – which file should I tweak to display the EXIF info on the pop-up image (lightboxed)?


  13. Hi all,

    I cannot uptdate the plugin in my WP admin panel. It just doesn’t show me the option and I don’t want to reinstall it from scratch and loose all my galleries.

    Any ideas.

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