We're happy to announce our latest update to NextGEN 2.0.0. Thank you to all users who have been helping us diagnose and resolve the issues, and to each of the public beta testers who provided their very useful feedback and bug reports. We truly appreciate the support you have given us.


Download NextGEN Gallery from or visit the Plugin page in your WordPress admin area to utilize the auto-update feature.

If you run NextGEN Pro

If you also run NextGEN Pro on your website it is important to also update to the latest NextGEN Pro for compatibility.  You can update NextGEN Pro within your admin dashboard or download it manually from your account.

Caution and Issues

NextGEN Gallery 2.0.0 contained substantial changes to the plugin structure over the Legacy versions 1.9.x.  This new version builds on those changes, but if you are updating directly from 1.9.13 or earlier, there may be incompatibilities some third-party plugins/extension including mobile apps. If you update and have issues, you can always roll back to 1.9.13 following our rollback guide.

You should, as always but more so, consider back up your site (both server files & MySQL Database).

Changes in 2.0.57:

This is an important update for all NextGEN Gallery users as it contains a performance tweak/bug fix.

  • NEW: Re-introduced the Reset button
  • NEW: Tooltip added for Page Link to functionality
  • NEW: Displayed Gallery Triggers moved from NextGEN Pro to NextGEN Gallery (not in use)
  • NEW: Added NGG_Store, a client-side persistence layer (not in use)
  • NEW: Added NGG_CRON_SCHEDULE constant. Set to the number of seconds between the execution of NextGEN Gallery cron jobs
  • NEW: Added NGG_RENDERING_CACHE_TTL constant. TTL measured in seconds.
  • NEW: Added NGG_DISPLAYED_GALLERY_CACHE_TTL constant. TTL measured in seconds.
  • NEW: Added NGG_DISABLE_LEGACY_SHORTCODES constant. When TRUE, [ slideshow ] becomes [ nggslideshow ].
  • NEW: Added Font Awesome, available for NextGEN Gallery extensions
  • Changed: Transients are removed every 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes
  • Changed: Admin Page & Form components refactored to allow custom POST processing
  • Changed: Default path for NEW multisite installations to wp-content/uploads/sites/%BLOG_ID%/nggallery/
  • Fixed: Ability to upload ZIP files on Windows hosts
  • Fixed: Support for filenames with non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed: Dynamic updates in the Attach to Post interface (interframe communication)
  • Fixed: Attach to Post interface freezing in IE11
  • Fixed: Path issues on Windows Servers
  • Fixed: Module installer integrity
  • Fixed: Database query performance. No more joins to the WP options table
  • Fixed: Lightboxes storing absolute paths for static resources
  • Fixed: Displayed gallery cache not regularly flushed
  • Fixed: SQL query performance problems. Honor max_packet_allowed variable for MySQL
  • Fixed: Multiple database queries generated for determining next available image slug
  • Fixed: Corrupted MediaRSS feeds
  • Fixed: Padding on Gallery Settings and Other Options pages
  • Fixed: Routing issues on subdirectory installs
  • Fixed: Importing galleries using the Attach to Post Interface
  • Fixed: Gallery path calculations on Windows web servers
  • Fixed: Sub-album urls not processed correctly
  • Fixed: Apply maximum entity count to existing displayed galleries
  • Fixed: NextGEN Gallery Thumbnail Widget shouldn't use ImageBrowser effect
  • Fixed: Ability to set shuffle parameter for ImageRotator slideshows
  • Fixed: PHP warning about HTMLDocument when displaying a SinglePic
  • Fixed: Sanitization of gallery title
  • Fixed: Home URL now used instead of Site URL in MediaRSS feed
  • Fixed: Attach to Post interface broken when WPML is installed
  • Fixed: Attach to Post interface instructing browser to cache the page
  • Fixed: Watermarking not working in low-memory environments
  • Fixed: Maximum images limit not being applied for galleries already created.
  • Fixed: Double forward slashes in static urls
  • Fixed: Don't sleep when checking if the installer is running
  • Fixed: Don't enforce Pope interface contracts
  • Fixed: Remove custom table extra records from wp_options table
  • Fixed: Scan folder for new images not working
  • Fixed: Incorrect page permalink used for "Page Link To" functionality
  • Fixed: Pagination broken when Basic Thumbnail gallery on the same page as Basic Album
  • Fixed: parse_url() warnings generated for PHP 5.3.3 and earlier
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Headway Themes
  • Fixed: Compatibility with web servers which don't provide PHP a document root
  • Fixed: Third-party incompatibilities caused by the Photocrati Resource Manager
  • Fixed: Compatibility with the Flattr plugin
  • Fixed: Compatibility with the Weaver II theme
  • Fixed: Interface tweaks for WordPress 3.8

For the history of changes, view the full changelog.

What's Not Fixed? Known Issues

There are still many known issues, each generally affecting a small number of users, that we need to address. You can see the list of all known conflicts that we are continuing to work on, please visit the Latest Public Beta page.

What's Been Going On?

Unfortunately the update to the new NextGEN Gallery 2.0.0 structure has not been smooth for everyone. If you would like to read about what has been going on behind the scenes at Photocrati and why there are many public betas and official releases recently, please read this open letter to the NextGEN community

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  1. dear sir,

    i’m your big fan. i use the free version. i want to join the pro version. i just done the upgrade but all crash. all image on location and all script are ok. there picture are disappear on my browser. I use:
    mac os x with localhost for offline test. WordPress 3.8.1 with nextgen Version 2.0.57. usually i use php echo do_shortcode(‘[ngg_images gallery_ids="8" display_type="photocrati-nextgen_basic_slideshow"]‘) and it is work fine before i upgrade the wordpress and nextgen to the latest update

    pease let me know if i use the pro version it will be ok. really happy with nextgen.

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