We're happy to announce our first update to NextGEN 2.0.0.

Thank you to all users who have been helping us diagnose and resolve the issues, and to each of the public beta testers who provided their very useful feedback and bug reports.  We truly appreciate the support you have given us.


Download NextGEN Gallery from or visit the Plugin page in your WordPress admin area to utilize the auto-update feature.

Caution and Issues

NextGEN Gallery 2.0.0 contained substantial changes to the plugin structure over the Legacy versions 1.9.x. NextGEN 2.0.7 builds on those changes, but if you are updating directly from 1.9.13 or earlier, there may be incompatibilities some third-party plugins/extension including mobile apps. If you update and have issues, you can always roll back to 1.9.13 following our rollback guide

You should, as always but more so, consider back up your site (both server files & MySQL Database).

NextGEN PRO Users

If you update to NextGEN Gallery 2.0.7 and are a NextGEN Pro user then you should also update to NextGEN Pro 1.0.4.


  • NEW: New resource manager that fixes many plugin and theme incompatibilities
  • NEW: Styles (custom stylesheets) should reside in wp-content/ngg_styles
  • NEW: Added option to "Other Options -> Misc" to control maximum images returned
  • Secured: Removed default connector for jQuery FileTree library
  • Changed: Updated the simplehtmldom library to version 1.5
  • Changed: jQuery is now enqueued at the beginning of every request
  • Fixed: Incompatibilities with BuddyPress
  • Fixed: Incompatibilities with Events+, bbPress, Custom Permalinks, and many other plugins
  • Fixed: Incompcatibilities with Member Access, AMember, Magic Fields, and More Fields
  • Fixed: Incompatibilities with Elegant Themes, Oxygen, Responsive, and many other themes
  • Fixed: Ensure that gallery images don't have a border by default
  • Fixed: Conflict between imagebrowser and album urls
  • Fixed: Reverted default gallerypath to wp-content/gallery/
  • Fixed: Upgrade-safe way of overriding Styles
  • Fixed: Generation of AJAX url is now based on slug
  • Fixed: Restore nggShowGallery and nggShowSlideshow as wrappers to new API
  • Fixed: Always use domain as specified by WordPress Site URL
  • Fixed: Use WordPress Home URL over Site URL when appropriate
  • Fixed: Numerous pagination issues
  • Fixed: Adjusted our forms to comply with WordPress Firewalls
  • Fixed: Correct use of select2 DOM selector for maximum compatibility
  • Fixed: Path and URL calculations for Windows and UNIX environments
  • Fixed: Ensure that pluggable.php is loaded at the start of every request
  • Fixed: Fancybox: adjust CSS for further box-sizing protection from themes
  • Fixed: Use PHP 5.2.1 compatible named pattern matching syntax
  • Fixed: Remove usage of __DIR__ constant not supported by PHP 5.2.x
  • Fixed: Removed dependency on mb_string PHP module
  • Fixed: Allow "No Lightbox" as an option for Lightbox Effects
  • Fixed: Warning: "Invalid CRT parameters detected" for Windows environments

For the history of changes, view the full changelog.

We know that changelogs can be hard to understand for some users, so the list below mentions each error that has been resolved from an end user perspective:

  • Errors referencing simplehtmdom or mb_detect_string.
  • Errors referencing Preg_match()
  • Errors referencing “This is not a valid MVC Template”
  • Many issues caused by Windows path handling
  • Many issues caused by separate WordPress URL vs Site URL in General Options
  • Gallery path: trailing / missing from wp-content/gallery/ in some cases
  • Re-added upgrade safe mechanism for custom css (STILL NEED TO DO THIS)
  • Re-added option to select "None" as lightbox effect
  • Singlepic "Warning Divisible by Zero" error
  • Images not uploading in some cases
  • Images not showing in some instances
  • Blank Options Pages showing in some instances
  • All links redirecting to home page in some instances
  • "Invalid Request" when saving from ATP in some instances
  • Albums not showing in some instances
  • Lightboxes not working in some instances
  • Renamed 'jquery.cycle' registration to jquery-cycle
  • False security alert triggered by VaultPress
  • Re-adding nggShowGallery and nggShowSlideshow
  • Resolved the following plugin conflicts:
    • BBPress
    • Member Access
    • AMember
    • Magic Fields
    • More Fields
  • Resolved slider and menu conflicts for themes, including:
    • Elegant Themes
    • Responsive
    • Oxygen
    • Twenty Twelve

What's Not Fixed? Known Issues

There are still many known issues, each generally affecting a small number of users, that we need to address. You can see the list of all known conflicts that we are continuing to work on, please visit the Latest Public Beta page.

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  1. Hi, I’m the developer of the “NextGen Gallery Powertags” extension; after the NGG2 update, naturally, Powertags it’s completly unuseful. I would like to recreate Powertags (in a Pro version this time) for NGG2 and I like to know if there is some kind of developers documentation. Thanks

    1. Hi Mauro,

      We will be continuing to build developer documentation when we finish up with addressing all the known conflicts. Please subscribe to the developer news list so you can be notified when more is available.

  2. Hi,

    still no full support of a multisite environment?


    1. Hi Joerg, multisite support is on our list to include in a future update however fixing the known conflicts that users are experiencing is top priority

  3. where do I find a step by step tutorial on how to upgrade from 2.0.3 to 2.0.7?

    1. Hi Nick,

      Updating between official versions can be done through the auto update in your WordPress admin.

  4. Sorry, but I cannot find 2.0.7. Searching the WordPress plugin I only see 2.0.33.
    What do I do wrong?

    1. Hi Jolande,

      2.0.7 is now outdated so please upgrade to 2.0.33 which is the latest version at this moment in time.

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