The new Attach To Post interface in NextGEN Gallery 2.0 will allow users to set specific settings per gallery on any page or post.

That means that even if your default thumbnail settings are 100x100, you can have a gallery with 150x70 thumbnails.

Or if your default slideshow is 400x400, you can have a slideshow at 800x400 if you wanted to.

All of this is made easy inside of the new interface. Take a look:

Looks easy, right? That's because it is and we're very excited to share this with you.

This is just one of the many great features in NextGEN Gallery 2.0, and a sample of what is coming in the future. If you want to give it a try now, check out NextGEN Gallery 2.0 beta - but remember that it is for testing only and not for a live website.

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