NextGEN Gallery always had one main options panel where you would control the default settings that were used globally throughout the plugin.

Original Options Panel
Original Options Panel

As you can see, majority of the options were in one place, with a tabbed interface.

Original Gallery Settings
Original Gallery Settings

Same went for the gallery settings.  They were also in the Options panel, and the settings you picked were used throughout all galleries and albums.

In NextGEN Gallery 2.0, we rearranged the default options panel to streamline your process.

NextGEN Gallery 2.0 Options
NextGEN Gallery 2.0 Options

The new options panel is using an accordion style system and the gallery settings were moved to their own panel.

New Gallery Settings

These sections are still used for default options globally across your galleries.  However, using the new attach to point interface you can overwrite any gallery setting on any page or post - on the fly.

More on that in a future article.

This is just one of the many great features in NextGEN Gallery 2.0, and a sample of what is coming in the future.  If you want to give it a try now, check out NextGEN Gallery 2.0 beta - but remember that it is for testing only and not for a live website.

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