We are so happy to share that after over a year of of hard word, NextGEN Gallery has been updated to 2.0 and is now available in the WordPress plugin directory and in self hosted WordPress installs.  Thank you to all the beta testers who provided their very useful feedback and bug reports.  We truly appreciate the support.

This is a big update with a lot of major changes.  Each of which were made with users in mind.  In fact, the majority of the changes were made by requests from users.  So thank you for that!


Download NextGEN Gallery from or visit your WordPress admin to utilize the auto update feature.

Be aware

  • NextGEN Gallery 2.0 contains substantial changes to the plugin structure which means there might be incompatibilities some third-party plugins/extension including mobile apps.
  • Back up your site first (both server files & MySQL Database)


  • NEW: Improved user experience throughout the plugin, settings and usage.
  • NEW: Plupload queue uploader that allows for bulk and zip uploads within the same interface.
  • NEW: Complete redesign of the NextGEN options panel
  • NEW: Added new interface for adding galleries from pages and posts.
  • NEW: Galleries are now mobile friendly and responsive, which is most noticeable with a responsive theme.
  • NEW: Streamlined functionality for displaying galleries based on tags.
  • NEW: Architecture based on  Pope Framework
  • NEW: New shortcode, “ngg_images”, and corresponding Attach to Post interface
  • NEW: Galleries have now global and instance settings
  • NEW: Support for FastCGI environments
  • Changed: Replaces shortcodes with placeholder images, however still supports legacy shortcodes.
  • Changed: Introduced new Growl-like notifications
  • Changed: The container and it’s images are centered for slideshows
  • Changed: NextGEN styles now override vs replace default styles
  • Changed: NextGEN legacy templates have been deprecated (but still function)
  • FIXED: The ability to use NextGEN image as a Featured Image.
  • FIXED: Many bugs and annoyances, such as PHP warnings, errors, etc.

For the history of changes, view the full changelog.

At the time of the announcement, 2.0  has incomplete BBPress and Multisite support and partial support for Windows hosting environments.  Please know that these three items are on the priority list for updates.

NextGEN Gallery 2.0 Screenshots

NextGEN Gallery 2.0 Settings

NextGEN Gallery 2.0 Attach To Post Interface

For the past few weeks we have been sharing some of the great things you can do with NextGEN Gallery 2.0.  Here are some of those articles:

Of course, our developers and support team are working hard to develop documentation for extending NextGEN Gallery.  Here are a few links to get you starts.

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  1. Hi,

    does the 2.0 release now support WP multisite installations? Not only the root site?


    1. Currently only the root site of a multisite, however full multisite support is on the priority list.

      1. Ok, sorry then I still have to wait for the update that will bring the full multisite support!

        1. No problem at all Joerg. We know multisite is important but it wasn’t the highest feature requests, so we worked on the other priorities first.

  2. OMG! just upgraded…wow much better! does some things I was having to do manually on the old one….

    Once again thanks so much! really thinking about getting the pro edition as well!

  3. Is the 2.0 Version compatible with Foobox plugin? And is there the possibility for an easy downgrade?

    1. Some people are experiencing issues with the 2 together, but others are not. FooBox will have to be updated for full 2.0 support, and I believe they’re already working on it.

  4. None of my galleries are working after upgrading to 2. It’s killing me.

    I love all of the new features but none work for me. I can’t plug any gallery into any of my posts. I read that if I uninstall I would lose all of my pics so I’m afraid of uninstalling and really hoping you guys can fix it with another update.

    Take a look:

    I hope you guys fix it because I do enjoy using the plug-in.


      1. Thanks for the quick reply Scott, appreciate it. I’ll work on the rollback asap.

  5. How you add a single picture through the new “Attach To Post” interface? Out of the six display types, here is no “single picture” option.

    1. SinglePic is currently done through the regular WordPress Media Library. I will add a note to record a demo of that soon.

  6. I have been able to get my gallery to show my images in a thumbnail gallery with a fancybox display after clicking the image, but I am having difficulty making them show up as your demo does with the black slideshow surrounding the image. Can you please provide some direction.


    1. Our demos are using our new Pro Lightbox. The Fancybox is a smaller lightbox style.

  7. After updating to 2.0 any time I make a new post or update an existing one, I am returned with a blank post.php screen. The posts are added to the site. I am also unable to select any of my galleries from the post menu icon like I used to. Will there be an update soon?

  8. I just upgraded yesterday. Do we still need to use the “NextGEN Optimizer Premium” , or can we disable that plugin?

    1. Hi Ronnie,

      We are not the creators of that plugin. You would have to check with that developer to see if they’ve made it compatible with the new style of NextGEN Gallery.

  9. Next Gen just got even better, thanks! But really need the feature that allows adding a single picture to post.

    1. Hi Deepika,

      There is a feature called SinglePic that does just that.

  10. Is it possible to add a function: “Insert Bulk SinglePic into Post.”
    So that writer can write something in between images after inserting the images by ONE insertion.

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