whats-new-nextgen-gallery-plus-proToday's release contains a variety of patches across the board on NextGEN Gallery.  There are no new features in this update. We wanted to focus this one on fixes for which users needed more immediately.

Backup Before Upgrading

Please consider backing up your site (both server files & MySQL Database) whenever updating plugins.  Here are some backup recommendations.


Download NextGEN Gallery from WordPress.org or visit the Plugin page in your WordPress admin area to utilize the auto-update feature.

Changes in 2.1.26:

  • Fixed:    Removed unnecessary whitespace from "Related images" template that caused issues with some theme.
  • Fixed:    Detection of parents from grand-child-albums when generating breadcrumbs
  • Fixed:    C_Router->initialize() generating warnings with WP-CLI or the WP-CLI-Cron
  • Fixed:    Added Roots-theme relative-url support to C_MVC_Router->get_static_url()
  • Fixed:    nggdb::get_unique_slug() checking test-1, -2, -3,.. -9, -10, and then rolling back to -1 rather than continuing to -11, -12, etc
  • Fixed:    Album breadcrumbs CSS compatibility with certain themes
  • Fixed:    Made C_Gallery->validation() not use sanitize_title() on the image name attribute; this allows gallery names with UTF-8 to not generate 404
  • Fixed:    NGG's cross-frame-communication cookies from building up (and not being culled) to the point HTTP requests were rejected by the server for having too large of a cookie header
  • Fixed:    Updated C_Dynamic_Thumbnails_Manager->get_uri_from_params() with a minor user-submitted patch
  • Fixed:    Updated C_CustomPost_DataMapper_Driver->_save_entity() with a minor user-submitted patch
  • Fixed:    Cleaned up overview.php's readability and removed some now-long-unused code from legacy's ajax.php

For the history of changes, view the full changelog.

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