whats-new-nextgen-gallery-plus-proThis update contains a lot of changes, but they're mostly small bug fixes.

All of this is part of our ongoing promise to make NextGEN Gallery the best WordPress gallery plugin available!

Backup Before Upgrading

Please consider backing up your site (both server files & MySQL Database) whenever updating plugins.  Here are some backup recommendations.


Download NextGEN Gallery from our WordPress gallery plugin page on WordPress.org or visit the Plugin page in your WordPress admin area to utilize the auto-update feature.

Changes in 2.2.8:

  • Changed: Removed custom Freemius opt-in message
  • Changed: New design and video for Upgrade to Pro page
  • Changed: Added namespacing to NGG-generated transients
  • Fixed: Better error reporting for the XML-RPC method, ngg.uploadImage
  • Fixed: Thumbnail editing links missing when locale uses RTL language such as Hebrew
  • Fixed: Roles and Capabilities discrepancy with displaying NextGEN Gallery UI elements
  • Fixed: Fancybox lightbox effect not compatible with Pro Mosaic galleries
  • Fixed: Basic Tagcloud does not honor display type setting when editing in IGW
  • Fixed: Basic Tagcloud allows selection of Pro display types when NGG Pro is disabled
  • Fixed: Limit display types available in "Display galleries as" setting for albums
  • Fixed: Special characters in `show_slideshow_text` parameter causing inserted display to not be editable.
  • Fixed: NGG Basic Slideshow not honoring transition effect setting
  • Fixed: Image tags that are no longer should be removed
  • Fixed: Spacing preserved when our shortcodes are placed with other content
  • Fixed: Breadcrumbs in albums when slug is shared between gallery and album
  • Fixed: get_unique_slug() creating invalid SQL query when gallery name contains quote characters
  • Fixed: /ngg_tags pages displaying comments from all posts
  • Fixed: PHP warning when saving image meta data
  • Fixed: Fix incompatibility with WPML pagination due to overriding $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']

Changes in 2.2.9:

  • Fixed: WSOD caused by setting $wp_query->is_page to false

Changes in 2.2.10:

  • Fixed: Ensure that the plugin works when PHP isn't compiled against libxml

For the history of changes, view the full changelog.

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  1. Are there any plans to allow Price Lists to support more detail? I would like to offer packages to my users, but the way the Price Lists work, it really only does best with A La Carte

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