whats-new-nextgen-gallery-plus-proNextGEN Plus 1.3.10 is now available for all PlusĀ members as an auto-update in your WordPress admin.

This update contains a variety of improvements and fixes to galleries, functions and the Pro Lightbox.

There is also a brand new Pro Gallery display type called Pro Mosaic. It's like Pro Masonry but with it includes lazy loading, infinite scrolling and flush edges.

Changes in 1.3.10:

  • Changed: All templates now use "echo esc_attr()" instead of esc_attr_e() to avoid possible translation incompatibility
  • Changed: Pro Lightbox can now more efficiently initialize with large galleries
  • Changed: Pro Lightbox close-lightbox, toggle-sidebar, and toggle-carousel icons are much larger on touch devices
  • Changed: Pro Lightbox now defaults to the "white" style
  • Changed: Pro Lightbox now has its own routing code and does not rely on backbone.js. Closing the pro-lightbox no longer ends in a URL of "#"
  • Changed: Pro Lightbox sidebars are now 350px and not a variable width
  • Changed: Pro Thumbnail Grid now defaults to never displaying trigger icons
  • Changed: Removed Pro Lightbox option "touch transition effect": Galleria.js ignores this setting for touch devices if swipe is enabled.
  • Changed: Removed iframes from Pro Slideshow and Pro Horizontal Filmstrip, upgraded to Galleria 1.4.2
  • Fixed: Changing the orientation of Chrome on iOS will no longer result in more than one main-image being displayed at once
  • Fixed: Comments module was generating a warning post WP 4.4
  • Fixed: Picturefill module was not working correctly with images containing spaces in their URL
  • Fixed: Pro Blog Gallery compatibility with TwentyFifteen theme (some attributes were not applying to the img element, our CSS needed a finer selector)
  • Fixed: Pro Grid Album thumbnails appeared outside their container with IE-11
  • Fixed: Pro Horizontal Filmstrip now handles mixed-height thumbnails in the carousel
  • Fixed: Pro Lightbox comments were not linking to the origin URL correctly
  • Fixed: Several changes were made to the Pro Lightbox to be more mobile (especially iOS 9) friendly
  • NEW: All modules are now compiled before distribution
  • NEW: Finnish translation
  • NEW: NextGen Pro Mosaic display type
  • NEW: Pro Lightbox can be padded and toggled full-browser
  • NEW: Pro Lightbox sets opacity through CSS class instead of inline style

For the history of changes, view the fullĀ changelog.

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  1. I am happy to try this plug-in once I get it installed. I was getting frustrated using a free one that came with WordPress, and hope that yours will alleviate the problems I was having. Since my website is a Ham Radio site, and therefor has no commercial interest, I would have liked to have free software that worked, but after looking at your Gallery plug-in, I think the $33 a year is not going to be an issue.

    If I need help installing it, where can I go?

    Thanks, Jim Darrough, KI7AY <– amateur radio call

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