NextGEN Pro 1.0.17 is now available for all Pro members as an auto-update in your WordPress admin.

However, there was a hiccup in our auto updater following version 1.0.10, so if the auto updater is not working please log into your account and download the latest version 1.0.17 which contains the fixed auto updater. You can either delete NextGEN Pro and re-install it within WordPress, or replace the folder via FTP.  Either way you won't lose your galleries. You might have to turn on the Pro Lightbox once more if you are already using it.

Important: Update NextGEN Gallery First

We've also released an update for NextGEN Gallery, so you should update to both NextGEN Gallery 2.0.61 and NextGEN Pro 1.0.16 for full compatibility.

Changes in 1.0.17:

  • NEW: NextGEN Pro will automatically deactivate if it's dependencies aren't met
  • NEW: Compatibility fixes with WordPress 3.9
  • NEW: Added an option to the Pro Lightbox to display captions automatically
  • NEW: Added an option to the Pro Lightbox to open the comment/social sidebar automatically
  • NEW: Renamed all constants to use NGG_ prefix
  • Changed: Removed double-tap capability for the Pro Lightbox in fullscreen mode
  • Changed: Adjusted the way setting parameters are passed to Galleria themes
  • Changed: Removed thumbnail_quality & thumbnail_watermark fields for all display types
  • Changed: Use FontAwesome library that is bundled with NextGEN Gallery
  • Changed: Removed obsolete CSS rules used for Jetpack compatibility
  • Changed: Removed 1px black border from images in Pro Film galleries
  • Changed: Removed backbone/underscore from Pro Lightbox scripts property
  • Changed: Use relative urls instead of absolute urls for Pro Lightbox resources
  • Fixed: Various iOS compatibility issues
  • Fixed: Fix size and positioning of images in Horizontal Filmstrip and Slideshow galleries
  • Fixed: Positioning of captions for Horizontal Filmstrip and Slideshow galleries
  • Fixed: Flickering between image transitions for Horizontal Filmstrip and Slideshow galleries
  • Fixed: Image alignment and cropping settings for Horizontal Filmstrip and Slideshow galleries
  • Fixed: Center Film galleries within their parent container. Remove any whitespace in the markup
  • Fixed: Vertically-align images to the top of the image container for Grid Albums
  • Fixed: Remove "crop" setting for Blog Style galleries
  • Fixed: Styling of Pro List Albums
  • Fixed: Routing conflicts for albums on the same page
  • Fixed: Adjust position of comment toggle icon
  • Fixed: Apply nl2br() to all gallery descriptions
  • Fixed: Images aren't forced to be larger than their original dimensions in Blog Style galleries
  • Fixed: Don't display PHP errors/warnings in JSON response for pre_comments AJAX action
  • Fixed: Don't open Pro Lightbox for links that are to use ImageBrowser as the lightbox effect
  • Fixed: Allow HTML in the Pro Lightbox for image titles & descriptions
  • Fixed: Use original sized image when sharing an image via Facebook/OpenGraph
  • Fixed: Provide detailed data in OpenGraph representation
  • Fixed: OpenGraph should work with default and custom permalinks
  • Fixed: Use correct value for Yes/No setting selections for Pro Lightbox
  • Fixed: When opening the Pro Lightbox for a gallery using random images, display the correct image

Please note that NextGEN Gallery 2.0.0 or later is required to use with NextGEN Pro.

For the history of changes, view the full changelog.

We are still writing documentation every day, so visit the NextGEN Pro Documentation page to learn more about how to use the plugin or send an email through your account area with your questions.

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