whats-new-nextgen-gallery-plus-proThis is a minor update with a fresh new face.

That's right, along with our NextGEN Gallery 3.0 announcement is a redesign of NextGEN Pro and related items.

Changes in 2.6:

  • NEW: Complete redesign of NextGEN Gallery backend interface
  • NEW: Pro Lightbox option to disable carousel thumbnails
  • NEW: Pro Lightbox uses Facebook JS SDK to generate share dialogs
  • Changed: Location of NextGen Pro Ecommerce in the main WordPress admin menu
  • Changed: Optimized Pro Lightbox for performance, especially mobile devices
  • Changed: Galleria.js upgraded to the latest version (1.5.7)
  • Fixed: Conflict with Gutenberg
  • Fixed: Pro Lightbox sidebar overlay not being removed when comments are disabled / users must be registered
  • Fixed: Pro Lightbox will no longer attempt to use synchronous XHR

Please consider backing up your site (both server files & MySQL Database) whenever updating plugins.  Here are some backup recommendations.

For the history of changes, view the full changelog.

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