Imagely is proud to partner with WHCC to handle print deliver for your clients.


WHCC Print Fulfillment​ in WordPress

WHCC Print Fulfillment​ in WordPress using NextGEN Gallery & Pro

Your photography workflow is seamless when you use NextGEN Gallery with NextGEN Pro's print lab integration. Upload your photographs from Adobe Lightroom Classic, add your gallery to a page. Your clients will order prints and WHCC fulfills those orders automatically. WHCC automated print fulfillment is available for our photographer in the United States and Canada, or photographers whose clients are there. With automated tax calculations powered by TaxJar, you don't have to worry about determining the correct tax being collected.

Painless Client Ordering

You pick your products, set your prices or base it on a specific markup.

Seamless Branding

Because this is a WordPress plugin, your client never leaves your site.

Professionally Processed

WHCC processes and prints the order and delivers them in a white labeled package to your clients door.

WHCC Print Fulfillment​ in WordPress using NextGEN Gallery & Pro

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