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Manage, display, proof, and sell photos like a pro.

Over 30 million downloads!

NextGEN Gallery Extensions

NextGEN Gallery is already the most powerful WordPress gallery plugin ever made.

Make it even more powerful with dozens of Pro gallery extensions.

Extensions & Features Included with NextGEN Pro



Want to sell your images directly in your WordPress site? NextGEN Pro adds a true image ecommerce system to help you do just that. Accept PayPal, Stripe, and Checks with ease!



Want to add a photo proofing process in your WordPress photo galleries? NextGEN Pro adds photo proofing into WordPress to help with your client workflow. The proofing option makes it easy for you and your clients from start to finish.

Print Fulfillment

Print Fulfillment

Sell Photos on WordPress with Automated Print Fulfillment! NextGEN Pro is the only WordPress plugin with automatic print lab fulfillment. Ship prints direct to customers with industry-leading professional print labs with zero commissions off the top.

Auto Tax Calculations

Auto Tax Calculations

We have integrated NextGEN Pro with Taxjar to calculate accurate sales tax no matter where you and your clients are in the world.

Stripe Gateway

Accept credit card payments, securely, with Stripe.

PayPal Gateway

Accept payments, securely, with PayPal.



When selling images, the only way to do it is with pricelists. No more applying individual products t individual images. Do it the right way, and the easy way, by connecting pricelists to your galleries.



NextGEN Pro makes it easy to offer exclusive discounts to your clients.

Lightroom Plugin

Lightroom Plugin

The Lightroom plugin for NextGEN Gallery allows you to automatically create and sync photo galleries from your Adobe Lightroom collections in WordPress.

Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads

Offer digital downloads of your images for free, or with payment using the Ecommerce system. You have complete control over sizes and pricing for every image.

Mosaic Gallery

Mosaic Gallery

With this stunning display type, you can present your images in a flexible grid. Choose the maximum height for your rows, and their margins, or use the default settings. It will adjust incredibly on all devices.

Masonry Gallery

Masonry Gallery

With this stunning display type, you can present your images in a flexible grid. Choose the maximum width for your images, and their padding, or use the default settings. It will adjust incredibly on all devices.

Filmstrip Gallery

Filmstrip Gallery

With this stunning display type, you can present your images in a flexible grid. Choose the maximum height for your rows, and their margins, or use the default settings. It will adjust incredibly on all devices.

Film Gallery

Film Gallery

With this stunning display type, you can present your images in a flexible grid. Choose the maximum width for your images, and their padding, or use the default settings. It will adjust incredibly on all devices.

Blog Style Gallery

Blog Style Gallery

An entire gallery in a single vertical column. that requires scrolling vertically for engagement.

Sidescroll Gallery

Sidescroll Gallery

An entire gallery in a single horizontal row, that requires scrolling sideways for engagement.

Tiled Gallery

Tiled Gallery

With this stunning display type, you can present your images large with no trouble. Choose the maximum width of the gallery, or let it automate. It will adjust incredibly on all devices.

Image Browser Gallery

Image Browser Gallery

With this stunning display type, you can present your images large with no trouble. Choose the maximum width of the gallery, or let it automate. It will adjust incredibly on all devices.

Pro Grid Album

Display a collection of galleries and even child-albums inside of a grid design.

Pro Lightbox

Pro List Album

Display a collection of galleries and even child-albums inside of a list design.

Pro Lightbox

Pro Lightbox

The Pro Lightbox allows you to display images at full scale when opened. Your visitors will enjoy breathtaking views of your photos on any device. It's customizable, from colors to padding and more. Offer social sharing, deep linking, and individual image commenting. Turn your gallery lightbox view into a slideshow for your visitors. You can customize settings such as auto-playing and slideshow speed.

Image Protection

Image Protection

Image protection disables the ability for visitors to right-click or drag to download your images in both the gallery display and Pro Lightbox views. It gives you complete freedom to display your work without worry. You can also choose to protect all images sitewide, even outside of NextGEN Gallery.

Deep Linking

Deep Linking

Link directly to any image on your site with deep linking. Available exclusively in the Pro Lightbox.

Image Commenting

Image Commenting

Deep engagement for your images through individual image commenting within the Pro Lightbox

Open Graph

Social networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn, will automatically display your images information and preview.

Twitter Cards

Twitter will automatically display your images information and preview.

Hover Captions

Hover Captions

Gain the ability to add hover capability to galleries. The hover feature includes social sharing, titles, and descriptions. Each can be controlled individually. The hover feature also includes multiple effects, like fade and slide up.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Your images automatically optimized for Open Graph and Twitter Cards and individually shareable from within the Pro Lightbox.

Frontend Search

Frontend Search

With this stunning display type, you can offer image searching capabilities with smart, powerful filtering based on the tags specified for images in your galleries.

Pro Support

Pro Support

Fast turnaround times from our dedicated superheroes.

WordPress Gallery Plugin Reviews

NextGEN Gallery was one of the first WordPress gallery plugins available, and has continued to be the most popular, by far, every year since. Take a look below at some kind words from our real users from WordPress.org.

Solid performance over the long haul

We’ve been using NextGEN gallery on one site or another for years now. Not only does it have a great feature set, but it is well maintained, always up-to-date, and we’ve had great success with any support inquiries over the years. I recommend it highly!
David G. Johnson

This is such a great plugin

This is such a great plugin, everything just works out the box and has many, many features and customizations available. It’s no wonder this is the most popular Gallery plugin available. Great job!
John Bradfield

Almost 17 years of Awesome and Easy!!!

My wife and I started a personal WordPress blog back in 2002, before our oldest daughter was born. We settled on NextGEN gallery because it was simple and easy for my wife to use, and it delivered a great experience for our friends and family.

After almost 17 years; countless server, database, WordPress, theme, and plugin updates; and many wonderful family moments shared, NextGen Gallery remains THE plugin of choice for sharing our favorite images with friends and loved ones around the world!


No other image plugin comes close

I have been using NextGEN Gallery since its first days ... Although there are quite a few other similar plugins for WordPress, their image management back end relies mainly on WordPress’ media management. NGG provides a far better organization of images with great ease. After the new team took over the development, there was a short period of hiccups but since those issues were cleared it continues to provide excellent platform for image management and presentation.

The Imagely team quickly and accurately responds to problem reports and occasional issues are addressed in a timely manner. Search but you will not find a better feature set in any image management plugin.


The original and best

The original and best

A Godsend

Stop coding and start selling… ’nuff said.

Best Photo Gallery Plugin

The free version is better than other paid photo gallery plugins. I went and purchased the Plus and Pro version of the plugin, and it’s even better. Imagely’s support staff is pretty responsive. I would consider it a must-have plugin if you’re going to have a photo gallery on your site.

Great Product, Support and Documentation

This product has it all. Before I bought I read reviews and researched their support. I’ve tried other photo WordPress plugins and services such as Smugmug, Zenfolio, and Squarespace. This is the closest to those services but I have complete control and so many options. Looking forward to many years ahead.

I’ve used NextGEN Gallery for as long as I’ve used WP

And it keeps getting better.

Fantastic gallery plugin

Many times when you download a plugin, it does almost what you want but not quite. NextGEN does everything I want, plus extra useful functions that I hadn’t even thought of but are extremely useful! Top job!

Simple to use, looks great

It’s as simple as that. Powerful tool that accomplishes a lot without too much work.

One of the best

Have used this gallery plugin since I first started with wordpress. It gets better & better.

Tried and True

This is the gallery plug-in I keep coming back to. I’ve tried others, but this one is my favorite. I like the interface. I did need to search for a tutorial to really hone some of the settings. But now that I have that, I have used this on several sites.

Best photo gallery plugin I’ve used

I’ve used a handful of equivalent plugins and this one has been the nicest to work with in terms of usability and what it does.

Simply the Best Gallery Plugin

I’d been reluctant to use NextGEN because for some reason, a while back, I remember negative reviews, things about speed, etc…

So we’ve been using Envira gallery ...but, it’s been getting slower and slower to the point of being unusable. ... the bottom line is their core programming for how gallery pages load, specifically Masonry, causes 30+ second page loads.

They also have ... too many frigging plugins (you want to do that? you need a plugin – you want mobile? another plugin, you want pagination, another plugin.) OMFG it was ridiculous. But the speed… SLLLOWWW.

So, reluctantly we knew we had to change our gallery plugin. NextGEN is the most widely used, so we bought the pro plugin and installed it. And WOW. Without ANY setting issues or trying to figure out anything, it immediately worked, and FAST – the exact sane gallery with exact same images loads INSTANTLY in NextGEN and takes 20 or more agonizing seconds in Envira.

So we did what was no small task and switched over 30 photo galleries on our event site over from Envira to NextGen. We haven’t looked back.

Had a question for their support and it was answered within a few hours.
Highly recommend it, you can’t go wrong for speed, features, ease of setup, etc.


Full Featured – Stable – Awesome!

I’ve been using nextgen for a long, long time. It has only gotten better with age. Super stable, easy to understand. Using this plugin makes your site look pro.

Speaking of “pro”, get it. A worthy investment if you take your photography seriously.


Total Lifesaver!!

I was in the middle of a client’s project when my previous gallery refused to allow compatibility on mobile for gestures!

NextGen is by far the easiest gallery to use, sort, re-style and organize. We will be using it as our default gallery plugin going forward.


The Gallery standard

Have been using Nextgen for over 10 years, works like a dream.

Excellent plugin. Just drag and drop.

It doesn't get any simpler than this!

A trusted friend for many years now

Great plugin, free and simple. I’ve been using it for a long time and I think I will continue to use it for a long time. I recommend it.

One of the best plugins ever!

I’ve tried a few photo galleries and this is by far the best I’ve used! Great product and support!


I’ve used nextgen galleries for over 9 years now and in a word it is AWESOME. Userfriendly, great support and lots of flexibility. When you need a gallery for your WP site, use nextgen or nextgen pro!

Awesome image gallery display

I have been using it for about 10 years; this plugin is awesome. I makes it easy to author, control and display professional image galleries. Indispensable for photographers, artists, etc. Thank you!!

Best gallery plugin so far

So far, this is the best gallery plugin I’ve used. Currently I’m using it on 2 sites (more than 100 galleries) and it works without any troubles.

NextGEN Gallery … The Best Out There

I tried many many gallery plugins but ALWAYS come back to NextGEN … its head and shoulders above the rest.

The best gallery going

Used it so many times, a pleasure every time

NextGEN Gallery is EXCELLENT

Worked out of the box – but now I have had a few days to play I’m just beginning to see the true capabilities. 🙂 Just great.

Brilliant plugin

This remains the best app for displaying images on WordPress sites!

Simply perfect.

Impressive. Simply perfect.
The best gallery for WordPress.

NextGEN Gallery Pricing

Download NextGEN Gallery free from WordPress.org or buy premium addons!


For professional and power users


Everything in Pro, and:

+ Use on Unlimited Sites
+ Multisite Premium Support



Everything you need to sell photos with WordPress


Everything in Plus, and:

+ Use on 3 Sites
+ NextGEN Pro
+ Ecommerce built-in
+ Sell from Originals
+ Simple Checkout
+ Secure Orignal Backups
+ Automated Print Fulfillment
+ Zero Commissions
+ Manual Print Fulfillment
+ Automated Tax Calculations
+ Image Proofing
+ Lightroom Integration
+ Stripe Payments
+ PayPal Payments
+ Check Payments
+ Test Transactions
+ Free Digital Downloads
+ Paid Digital Downloads


Build the perfect photography site


Everything in NextGEN Gallery, and:

+ Use on 1 Site
+ Over 12 Imagely Themes
+ NextGEN Plus
+ Pro Thumbnail Gallery
+ Pro Slideshow Gallery
+ Pro Filmstrip Gallery
+ Pro Masonry Gallery
+ Pro Mosaic Gallery
+ Pro Tiled Gallery
+ Pro Blogstyle Gallery
+ Pro Grid Album
+ Pro ImageBrowser Gallery
+ Pro List Album
+ Hover Captions
+ Image Protection
+ Image Social Sharing
+ Full Screen Lightbox
+ Image Commenting
+ Image Deeplinking
+ Secure Original Backups
+ Frontend Image Search
+ Retina Images
+ Open Graph
+ Twitter Cards
+ 1 Year of Pro Support
+ 1 Year of Updates

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk-Double-Guarantee. If you don’t like the products over the next 30 days, then we will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

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