= V3.50 - 11.29.2023 =
* IMPORTANT: Support for PHP 5.6 and lower has been discontinued. If you are running PHP 5.6 or lower, you MUST upgrade PHP before installing NextGen 3.5.0. Failure to do that will disable NextGen core functionality.
* Updated: Major refactor of the plugin to support future improvements! Note: This release Requires at least PHP 7.0.
* Fixed: We closed some issues affecting Lightroom users

= V3.41 - 09.27.2023 =
* Fixed: NextGEN 3.39 could generate a fatal error when viewing a gallery hosted on IIS.
* Fixed: NextGEN 3.39 could not accept uploads from the LightRoom plugin.
* Fixed: NextGEN 3.39 could generate a PHP exception when using custom template paths.

= V3.39 - 09.13.2023 =
* Fixed: Prevent template files from existing outside of the site document root, WP_CONTENT_DIR, or WP_PLUGIN_DIR

= V3.37 - 05.05.2023 =
* Fixed: A fatal error was thrown when uploading images' whose 'Flash' EXIF field is an array instead of the integer it should be.
* Fixed: Correcting a possible error in our RankMath SEO compatibility.
* Fixed: Prevent duplicate entries from being added to the photocrati_cache_tracker transient.

= V3.36 - 05.10.2023 =
* NEW: Added support for WP-Sweep so that NextGEN's tags will not be automatically removed.
* NEW: Added NextGEN Gallery images to RankMath SEO's sitemaps.
* Fixed: A JS error could trigger on the Manage Gallery page in some circumstances.
* Fixed: In some specific situations NextGEN Gallery could cause an infinite loop on all pages.
* Fixed: Manage Gallery's "Add Page" button used the legacy nggallery shortcode.

= V3.35 - 02.03.2023 =
* Fixed: Sites still using PHP 5.6 experience a fatal error due to an incompatibility with the latest version of Composer.

= V3.34 - 02.02.2023 =
* Fixed: FontAwesome could load SVG font files which broke some Pro Lightbox elements.

= V3.33 - 01.18.2023 =
* Fixed: FontAwesome icons were broken by 3.32 if not enqueued by another source.

= V3.32 - 01.11.2023 =
* NEW: Added the filter 'ngg_metadata_parse_order'
* Changed: Now including all CSS & JS resources inside the plugin to avoid GDPR issues.
* Fixed: Viewing sub-albums could result in a PHP warning regarding array_pop()

= V3.30 - 10.05.2022 =
* Fixed: Rotating images was broken for some users after the last release.

= V3.29 - 09.28.2022 =
* Fixed: Added nonce verification to some legacy XHR handlers.

= V3.28 - 07.20.2022 =
* NEW: Added NGG_DISABLE_IMAGICK constant to disable use of ImageMagick.

= V3.27 - 05.25.2022 =
* Fixed: A possible PHP warning in the third party compatibility warning.
* Fixed: PHP 8 may emit a warning in the taxonomy controller when viewing the site frontpage while no posts or pages exist.
* Fixed: ThickBox's loadingAnimation.gif and tb-close.png URL were incorrect.

= V3.26 - 04.27.2022 =
* Fixed: A change in NextGEN 3.23 broke albums pagination.
* Fixed: Compatibility with TinyMCE editor used by Advanced Custom Fields.
* Fixed: Insert Gallery Window popup failed to load when Elementor is active.

= V3.24 - 03.23.2022 =
* Fixed: A possible PHP warning could be generated if the global $post->content is an integer or boolean.
* Fixed: Activating NextGEN for the first time generated a PHP warning when registering default settings.
* Fixed: NextGEN widgets JS/CSS was enqueued on all frontend pages.
* Fixed: Some errors generated while image uploading were not being displayed to the user.

= V3.23 - 02.09.2022 =
* Fixed: A potential PHP fatal error in C_Photocrati_Transient_Manager when using external object caching.
* Fixed: Manage Gallery page could create a javascript error if the page loads quickly enough.
* Fixed: Sorting images order was broken by WordPress 5.9
* Changed: Google Fonts is no longer used for fonts loaded in the admin.

= V3.22 - 01.20.2022 =
* Fixed: When viewing certain images NextGEN was using nggdb::get_unique_slug() on each viewing.

= V3.21 - 01.19.2022 =
* NEW: Introducing constant NGG_DISABLE_PHOTOCRATI_CACHE_TRACKER which tracks all NGG transients when using an external object cache.
* NEW: Adding an option to separate generated images with dashes instead of underscores for better SEO.
* Changed: Removed the "Custom styles" feature which was deprecated in December of 2020.
* Fixed: PHP 8.1 warnings of deprecations.

= V3.18 - 12.08.2021 =
* NEW: Added a constant "NGG_DISABLE_SHORTCODE_MANAGER" to disable content protection workarounds that can be a source of incompatibility itself.
* NEW: Added notice to users that ctypes methods are required by NextGEN Gallery.
* Fixed: Compatibility with EditorsKit invalidating NextGEN Gallery blocks.
* Fixed: In rare circumstances the "Open album images in Pro Lightbox" feature was not working.
* Fixed: PHP warnings about undefined array key access when using the XMLRPC API (Lightroom)
* Fixed: Searching for images on Manage Galleries could result in duplicates.

= V3.17 - 09.15.2021 =
* Fixed: NGG 3.16 created a problem with the Manage Gallery page's Edit Thumbnail, Rotate Image, and View Meta popups

= V3.16 - 09.08.2021 =
* Fixed: Links on "Extensions" page were incorrect
* Fixed: Incompatibility with WP User Manager caused Manage Gallery bulk actions to be unusable
* Fixed: Images that failed to upload would be treated as a success in the UI if the server HTTP response code is 200
* Changed: Removed the "Ambassadors" tab from the Overview page

= V3.15 - 08.23.2021 =
* Fixed: A warning was generated on every request for users of PHP 5.6

= V3.14 - 08.18.2021 =
* NEW: Added support for unanimated WebP images
* Fixed: PHP warning was generated when enqueueing frontend resources
* Fixed: "Scan folder for new images" was failing with PHP 8+

= V3.13 - 08.04.2021 =
* Fixed: All WP-Admin links had "/wp-admin/" removed for some users

= V3.12 - 07.13.2021 =
* Fixed: PHP warning generated for some Nimble Builder users
* Changed: Added 'ngg_marketing_parameters' filter

= V3.11 - 05.26.2021 =
* Fixed: Now compatible with NimbleBuilder
* Fixed: Importing images from the Media Library was broken due to a z-index issue

= V3.10 - 05.19.2021 =
* NEW: Added option under Misc Options to disable the /ngg_tag/ page feature
* Fixed: Misc performance improvements to NGG 3.9.0
* Fixed: Opening the rotate-image dialog a second time could show the incorrect image
* Fixed: Paginated galleries on paginated WP posts linked to the incorrect URL
* Fixed: Widgets were not rendering correctly with some third party page builders

= V3.9.3 - 04.20.2021 =
* Changed: Updated uppy.js
* Fixed: Conflict with Avada builder
* Fixed: ACG fields cannot be toggled
* Fixed: Activation issues with NextGEN Starter

= V3.9.2 - 04.07.2021 =
* Fixed: call_user_func() warning when rendering shortcodes in widgets (1168)
* Fixed: do_shortcode and legacy shortcodes (1170)
* Fixed: Incorrect use of wp_localize_script (1171)
* Fixed: Tooltips are illegible (1172)
* Fixed: PHP foreach warning (1173)

= V3.9.1 - 03.29.2021 =
* Fixed: C_Dynamic_Stylesheet_Controller error
* Fixed: Galleries not displaying

= V3.9.0 - 03.24.2021 =
* Changed: Resource manager disabled by default
* Changed: Remove ngg_load_frontend_logic filter
* Fixed: Refactored to resolve over 300 plugin & theme conflicts
* Fixed: Problem reported with taxonomy controller

= V3.8.0 - 02.24.2021 =
* NEW: NGG featured image support for custom post types (1076)
* Fixed: Compatibility with Custom Post Type UI plugin (1076)
* Fixed: Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields plugin (1150)
* Fixed: Compatibility with Photo Station plugin (855)
* Fixed: Compatibility with Stackable (981)

= V3.7.0 - 02.17.2021 =
* Fixed: Added ellipsis to pagination to show pages skipped (1099) (1157)
* Fixed: Deleted images could still appear in 'random' image galleries (1129)
* Fixed: Galleries with only one page were causing pagination links to appear (1156)
* Fixed: Inability to change gallerypath on multisite networks (1150)
* Fixed: Overriding static resources (CSS & JS) through files in wp-content/ngg/ was not working (1144)

= V3.6.0 - 02.10.2021 =
* NEW: Added new 'Bulk actions' option to remove EXIF Orientation from existing images (1137)
* NEW: Allow maximum_entity_limit display setting regardless of source (1146)
* NEW: Provide hooks to customize Uppy settings (1139)
* NEW: Recreated legacy templates as modern "views" (1127)
* Fixed: A compatibility warning with NextGEN Plus would appear when users had NextGEN Starter (1097)
* Fixed: Compatibility issue with Topscorer Theme (344171)
* Fixed: Compatibility with Custom Post Types UI (1076)
* Fixed: Compatibility with jQuery.mmenu (1140)
* Fixed: Disable marketing additions for users with NextGEN Starter enabled
* Fixed: Error responses from the server when uploading images failed were not specific (1121)
* Fixed: Image rotation not reliable (1137)
* Fixed: Imagebrowser pagination broke on images with UTF8 characters in their title (1135)
* Fixed: Shortcodes displaying albums did not appear in the order listed (1128)
* Fixed: Transient tracker was calling update_option() on every page (1074)

= v3.5.0 - 12.17.2020 =
* Changed: Deprecated legacy template functionality
* Changed: Deprecated built-in custom style / CSS mechanism
* Fixed: Misc updates for PHP 8.0 compatibility

= v3.4.7 - 11.25.2020 =
* NEW: Replaced plupload with a new uppy.js based uploader for faster uploading
* Changed: Updated select2 and Gritter to the latest versions
* Changed: Several changes have been made for future jQuery 3.5 compatibility
* Fixed: Gutenberg Block and Featured Image features on wordpress.com hosting

= V3.3.20 - 10.13.2020 =
* NEW: PHP 5.6 is the minimum supported PHP version
* NEW: WordPress 5.2 is the minimum support PHP version
* Fixed: Block disappearing in Block Editor
* Fixed: Gutenberg block and featured image features were broken on wordpress.com hosting
* Note: NextGEN Gallery will soon be licensed under GPLv3.

= V3.3.17 - 08.18.2020 =
* Fixed: Override Thumbnail Settings not configurable
* Fixed: Broken gallery displays in WP 5.5 with Classic Editor
* Fixed: HTML in Gallery & Image fields
* Fixed: Inability to save Gallery Settings or Other Options

= V3.3.11 - 08.14.2020 =
* Fixed: Fancybox lightbox not working with WordPress 5.5
* Fixed: Inability to upload images or create galleries in WordPress 5.5
* Fixed: Cannot crop images from Manage Galleries page
* Fixed: Removed use of jquery.size() and jquery.browser
* Fixed: Fixed iterator_to_array() PHP warning

= V3.3.10 - 08.12.2020 =
* NEW: Added filter 'ngg_recent_images_sort_by_column' to control how recent images are sorted
* Fixed: Assigning a thumbnail to a custom post type page/post caused a fatal javsacript error
* Fixed: NextGEN would previously be completely unusable should it even once determine that it doesn't have the necessary roles it needs
* Fixed: Several SimpleLightbox issues caused by a recent version upgrade
* Changed: Admin user interface modifications
* Changed: Misc code improvements to take advantage of PHP 5.3+ features
* Changed: Removed NGG_FIX_JQUERY constant

= V3.3.6 - 06.24.2020 =
* NEW: Added a mechanism in Other Options > Misc to update page featured images assigned with NextGen version 1 that were broken by a WordPress 5.4 API change
* NEW: Added two filters (ngg_default_settings and ngg_default_global_settings) to allow control over default settings for new networks, sites and sub-sites
* NEW: Updated SimpleLightbox to the latest version. This fixes all gallery images appearing in the lightbox if more than one gallery was on the page.
* Fixed: Album routing was broken if the albums were named using a non-latin alphabet
* Fixed: Gallery path validation was broken on some IIS servers
* Fixed: NextGen was unable to serve AJAX requests on home.pl hosting
* Fixed: Removed the unused simple_html_dom module which was causing errors with PHP 7.3

= V3.3.5 - 04.09.2020 =
* Fixed: Broken dynamic images

= V3.3.2 - 04.07.2020 =
* Fixed: Gallery paths were calculated incorrectly on wordpress.com hosting
* Fixed: Insert Gallery Window could not edit an existing displayed gallery with a legacy template without breaking the displayed gallery
* Fixed: Manage Albums page could generate lengthy PHP warnings if galleries or other albums did not have a preview image assigned
* Fixed: NextGen was forcing the 'screen_options_show_screen' filter to always be true
* Fixed: Plugin would not load and would throw an error due to C_Component_Registry not being found
* Fixed: Removed last traces of javascript that were in display type templates

= V3.3.0 - 03.10.2020 =
* NEW: Added feature on Manage Galleries page to search gallery names
* NEW: Added filter 'ngg_disable_shortcodes_in_request_api' to disable rendering of NextGen shortcodes in REST
* NEW: Added option to automatically watermark images during upload
* Changed: Minimum PHP version supported is now 5.4
* Changed: Pope framework now included via Composer
* Changed: Removed use of 'contextual_help' filter which is deprecated
* Changed: Renamed nggallery.po to nggallery.pot for better compatibility with Loco Translate
* Fixed: Compatibility with Divi Booster
* Fixed: Copying images to another gallery caused a PHP warning
* Fixed: Featured Image feature was not working
* Fixed: Fixed PHP warning sometimes displayed with album breadcrumbs
* Fixed: Fixed PHP warning when displaying certain albums
* Fixed: No notification was given when moving or copying images on Manage Gallery
* Fixed: PHP warning would be displayed when MediaRSS feature was enabled
* Fixed: SimpleLightbox would not use image alttext attribute for titles
* Fixed: Uploading zip files containing images with uppercase file extensions would fail to extract any images
* Fixed: Uploading images with invalid EXIF would reject the image entirely

= V3.2.23 - 12.02.2019 =
* NEW: There is a new setting under Other Options > Misc to disable enqueueing FontAwesome entirely
* Changed: WP-CLI commands have been namespaced and numerous new commands have been added
* Fixed: Add Gallery / Images page would instruct users to upload zip files even if the multisite settings disallowed it
* Fixed: Conflict with Elementor breaking the Attach-To-Post window styling
* Fixed: Corrected PHP warnings generated when creating the template & static override directory ('ngg') inside WP_CONTENT_DIR if write access isn't available
* Fixed: Gallery slug generation was broken when the gallery name included special characters and broke those galleries as album children
* Fixed: Improved performance on Manage Galleries page by simplifying query to count images belonging to galleries
* Fixed: Manage Galleries could generate a PHP warning when listing galleries created by users that have since been deleted
* Fixed: Shutter Reloaded's navigation icons were always missing
* Fixed: Slideshow widget was enqueueing a file that no exists
* Fixed: Two basic slideshow displays on one page would cause a JS error that broke their display
* Fixed: URL resolution for paginated galleries and dynamic thumbnails was broken if WordPress was in a sub-directory of a sub-directory install (split home & site url)

= V3.2.21 - 11.20.2019 =
* Changed: Small branding and color update

= V3.2.19 - 10.30.2019 =
* Fixed: Conflict with Imagify and the Imagely Lightroom plugin
* Fixed: Ability to update image metadata from the Imagely Lightroom plugin

= V3.2.18 - 09.18.2019 =
* Fixed: Ability to sort images by random
* Fixed: Large images failed to upload on WP Engine
* Fixed: Plupload translations not working

= V3.2.15 - 09.10.2019 =
* NEW: Automatically retry loading dynamic thumbnail generation urls
* NEW: Use NGG_DISABLE_DYNAMIC_IMG_URLS constant to generate images in-process
* Changed: Dynamic thumbnails are generated in their own PHP processes/url
* Fixed: Distorted images and thumbnails
* Fixed: Timeout when viewing large galleries
* Fixed: Memory optimizations when generating images

= V3.2.11 - 08.27.2019 =
* Secured: IGW queries (reported by Tin Duong of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs)

= V3.2.10 - 07.23.2019 =
* Changed: Updated branding for Freemius opt-in
* Fixed: IGW queries

= V3.2.8 - 07.16.2019 =
* NEW: Added support for the shortcode_atts_ngg filter
* NEW: Importing images from a folder now works recursively
* Fixed: 'Scan folder for new images' did not assign a gallery preview image
* Fixed: AJAX actions like image uploads were failing if the default request to '/' went to an index.html instead of index.php
* Fixed: Admin page controllers / templates were running twice
* Fixed: Compatibility with Delightful Downloads
* Fixed: Compatibility with Elementor
* Fixed: Copying images to the Media Library was broken if the server lacked the fileinfo extension
* Fixed: Disable Manage Gallery's move/copy images submit button to prevent multiple submissions
* Fixed: Made 'Recover image from backup' reset thumbnail crop settings
* Fixed: Minor error emitted from common.js
* Fixed: Move Images / Copy Images now also moves/copies dynamically generated versions
* Fixed: The uninstall routine handler was generating a PHP warning accessing an undeclared variable
* Fixed: Zip uploads from some macOS users was failing

= V3.2.4 - 06.04.2019 =
* NEW: Added some methods to the window.galleries object prototype for retrieving display settings
* Secured: Zip extraction process (thanks to Slavco Mihajloski / @mslavco)
* Changed: Removed the now-deprecated 'publish' link from the Manage Gallery image actions row
* Fixed: A PHP warning emitted on Gallery > Other Options if the current gallery path cannot be written to
* Fixed: Added compatibility check for the official FontAwesome plugin
* Fixed: Clicking a checkbox in the Insert Gallery Window's "Sort or exclude images" tab was not functioning
* Fixed: Resized images were becoming larger than the original in some circumstances
* Fixed: URL to static assets like JS and CSS files was incorrect when NextGen Gallery was a symlink

= V3.2.2 - 05.09.2019 =
* Changed: Updated video Links
* Changed: Branding updates in Readme.txt file

= V3.2.1 - 05.08.2019 =
* Fixed: Missing settings after Reset with NextGEN Plus
* Fixed: Small styling issues with WordPress 5.2

= V3.2.0 - 05.07.2019 =
* NEW: Branding update
* NEW: API methods for detecting NextGEN provided pages and custom post types
* Fixed: Missing menus after Reset
* Fixed: Ajax pagination with Simplelightbox
* Fixed: Datamapper query cache not purged after saving an entity
* Fixed: Gallery folder not created when using Manage Galleries -> New Gallery
* Fixed: Notifications not appearing on all Nextgen-provided pages
* Fixed: Gallery wizard conflicting with NextGEN Pro ecommerce wizard
* Fixed: Upgrade to pro button
* Fixed: NGG activation transient not given a time-to-live value

= V3.1.17 - 04.02.2019 =
* Fixed: Preview images for display types giving get_static_abspath error
* Fixed: Compatibility with the Imagely Lightroom plugin

= V3.1.14 - 03.26.2019 =
* Changed: Restored original behavior of ngg_after_new_images_added hook
* Changed: Images with EXIF rotation metadata are now rotated automatically at upload
* Changed: Moved confirmation message presented after editing a thumbnail
* Fixed: Ability to import zips of images
* Fixed: Gallery folder not created on filesystem after adding new gallery
* Fixed: IGW not working with Gutenberg / Block Editor
* Fixed: Compatibility with EWWW Image Optimizer
* Fixed: Compatibility with Elementor
* Fixed: Compatibility with Imagify
* Fixed: NextGen 3.1.11 passed an incorrect path to load_plugin_textdomain()
* Fixed: Simplelightbox initialization was opening more than once for certain images

= V3.1.11 - 03.20.2019 =
* NEW: Many performance enhancements
* Fixed: Broken Overview page on WordPress 5.1
* Fixed: Problem with notices not being dismissible
* Fixed: Recover images from backup generating errors
* Fixed: Manage Tags the only menu option after activating
* Fixed: Compatibility with environments which don't have mime_content_type function

= V3.1.7 - 02.26.2019 =
* Changed: Upgraded Freemius SDK to latest release

= V3.1.6 - 01.16.2019 =
* NEW: Option to control caching duration of random widget galleries
* Secured: DB record serialization
* Fixed: Compatibility with plugins that extend Gutenberg / Block Editor
* Fixed: Invalid regex causing warnings when viewing /ngg_tags/ pages
* Fixed: Misc grammatical and spelling mistakes

= V3.1.5 - 01.08.2019 =
* Secured: DB record serialization
* Changed: Added 185 character limit to filenames to prevent filesystem issues
* Changed: Removed caching of 'random' galleries; now only random widgets will be cached
* Changed: Removed dependency on underscore.string.js
* Changed: Updated base64.js library in attach-to-post module
* Changed: Updated jquery.waitforimages.js
* Fixed: Uploading of non-JPEG images and uploading of JPEG with invalid EXIF data

= V3.1.3 - 01.08.2018 =
* Fixed: Post thumbnail support for NextGEN Gallery when using Block Editor

= V3.1.4 - 12.21.2018 =
* Fixed: Visual shortcode not displaying in WP 5.0.2

= V3.1.2 - 12.18.2018 =
* Fixed: Variable mismatch error when using central gallery management pages

= V3.1.1 - 11.29.2018 =
* Fixed: Don't enqueue block editor assets on frontend.
* Fixed: Broken styling for column blocks

= V3.1.0 - 11.28.2018 =
* NEW: Gutengerg block for NextGEN Gallery
* Secured: Other options page
* Updated: Freemius SDK
* Fixed: Getting started wizard compatible with Gutenberg
* Fixed: WPML redirects
* Fixed: Missing descriptions and tags when re-importing image metadata

= V3.0.16 - 10.24.2018 =
* Fixed Fontawesome 4 compatibility

= v3.0.15 - 10.23.2018 =
* NEW: Added requirements notification manager
* Changed: Basic Thumbnails default setting from "[Show slideshow]" to "Show slideshow"
* Changed: Fixed order_by=rand and 'variations' system not working by storing random results in a transient for 24h
* Changed: How gallery directories are removed
* Changed: Improved memory use during thumbnail generation
* Changed: Manage Albums page now uses GET for editing navigation
* Changed: Upgrading FontAwesome to 5.0.13
* Fixed: Attribute 'target=_blank' not working in lightbox effects
* Fixed: Conflict with WP Social Widget
* Fixed: Corrected numerous phpdoc problems found by Phan
* Fixed: Editing of image attributes from search-galleries page
* Fixed: Gritter messages with long texts overlapped their close-notification icon
* Fixed: IGW gallery selections not persisting between edits
* Fixed: Orphaned entries being created and/or left in wp_postmeta
* Fixed: Repeated and missing images in featured images list

= V3.0.13 - 10.11.2018 =
* Changed: Added settings for basic slideshow

= V3.0.9 - 09.25.2018 =
* NEW: Added 2.0 template mechanism for basic galleries
* NEW: Simple Lightbox is the new default Lightbox
* Changed: Changed Javascript library and styling for basic slideshow
* Changed: New default template and styling for thumbnail galleries
* Changed: New default template and styling for imagebrowser galleries
* Changed: New default template and styling for compact albums
* Changed: New default template and styling for extended albums
* Changed: Changed implementation of "Number of Columns" setting
* Changed: Significantly simplified NextGEN default shortcodes

= V3.0.8 - 09.05.2018 =
* Fixed: IGW broken with Chrome 69+

= V3.0.6 - 07.24.2018 =
* NEW: Added 'ngg_gallery_title_select_field' filter
* NEW: Danish translations
* NEW: Slovakian translations
* Changed: Removed unused swfUpload setting key from ngg_options array
* Secured: Image attribute storage
* Fixed: Styling of upload notifications
* Fixed: Do not purge WPML tag/translation mapping when removing unused NGG tags
* Fixed: Don't invoke icl_translate() when the admin language matches the default language
* Fixed: Importing Media Library images inside the IGW window
* Fixed: NGG > Overview's "Upgrade to Pro" links were still present when NGG Plus/Pro were active
* Fixed: Patched PEL to catch a possible exception caused by malformed IFD
* Fixed: Removed unneeded wp_localize_script('wp-color-picker'...)
* Fixed: Sorting galleries with over 1k images did not work past image 999

= V3.0.1 - 05.17.2018 =
* Fixed: Prevent caching of display_tab.js which can break the IGW

= V3.0.0 - 05.16.2018 =
* NEW: Complete redesign of NextGEN Gallery backend interface
* Changed: Image descriptions may now include elements with src, alt, title, id, class, name, rel, and style
* Changed: Upgraded Select2 to latest release (4.0.5)
* Changed: Updated link href to 'image delete' & 'recover' links
* Fixed: Gutenberg compatibility
* Fixed: Removed use of screen_icon() from plugin
* Fixed: Color selection widget keeping unsaved values between page refreshes

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