nextgen-betaThis page makes available our latest beta version in between official NextGEN Plus releases.

IMPORTANT: ALSO UPDATE TO NEXTGEN GALLERY'S PUBLIC BETA: It is important that anyone using the latest NextGEN Plus Beta to also update NextGEN Gallery to the latest public beta found on the Public Beta Page if the beta is a higher version number than the official version.

IMPORTANT: THIS IS A MILDLY TESTED BETA: This is a beta, which means we haven't fully tested it. We know it fix certain issues, but it may introduce some others. You should only update to the beta version if you are comfortable manually updating and managing your site via FTP.

IMPORTANT: DON'T "UNINSTALL" NEXTGEN PLUS: There is no need to uninstall NextGEN Plus. Please follow the instructions below to install the beta in place of the official version.

ISSUES WITH THE BETAS? If you have problems after updating to the latest beta, you can always roll back to an earlier version. See our rollback guide. We would also appreciate if you would submit a support ticket.

UPDATING FROM BETAS TO FINAL RELEASE: We are numbering/versioning these betas so that if you install them, when we do finally push out a public release, you'll be able to auto-update from your WordPress dashboard like normal.

WHAT'S FIXED? Here is a list of fixes included latest beta that are not in the latest official release. Again, to see what was included in other recent releases, see our blog announcements for the changes

= V1.3.4 - 07.08.2015 =
* Fixed: Galleria module not updated during auto-update process

= V1.3.2 - 07.07.2015 =
* Fixed: Comments module not updated during auto-update process

Please note that updated documentation is currently underway, but not currently available.  If you have questions or find any issues specific to the ecommerce system, please submit it using the Support page and select ecommerce Beta as the NextGEN Plus version.

We recommend that you do a FULL backup of your site, database and server files before installing the beta.

HOW TO INSTALL? To install this beta:

  1. Download the latest beta and unzip it on your computer. You'll get a nextgen-gallery folder.
  2. Deactivate NextGEN Plus on your website.
  3. Connect to your site via FTP (we suggest using Filezilla), and navigate to /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery-plus
  4. Upload the new files from the nextgen-gallery-plus folder on your computer (left-local) to the nextgen-gallery-pro folder on your website (right-remote). If prompted, overwrite the existing files.
  5. Once the upload is complete, reactivate NextGEN Plus.

Please login to download.

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