= v3.31.3 - 06.19.2024 =
* Fixed: Email content for order notifications
* Fixed: Pro Masonry and filmstrip display types limit with Pro lightbox
* Fixed: PHP Fatal when importing images

= v3.31.2 - 04.10.2024 =
* Fixed: Various bugs and improved UI/UX in various places.

= v3.31.1 - 02.29.2024 =
* Fixed: WHCC orders not processing.

= v3.31.0 - 02.08.2024 =
* NEW: Image Animations feature.
* Fixed: Free digital downloads resulted in a 404.
* Fixed: PayPal Express order notifications may not be received to mark orders as paid once they have completed.
* Fixed: Replacing the Twitter bird with an 'X' icon.
* Fixed: Restored the Free payment gateway.

= v3.30.0 - 01.09.2024 =
* Fixed: Miscellaneous bugs
* Changed: Removing POPE framework dependency where possible.

= v3.21.0 - 08.02.2023 =
* Fixed: Galleria based displays (Slideshow, Horizontal Filmstrip) failed to display with certain themes and page layouts.
* Fixed: PayPal Checkout was broken for some users.
* Fixed: The BrainTree payment gateway was not notifying site owners of new purchases.

= v3.20.0 - 07.05.2023 =
* Fixed: Coupon codes beginning with a number could be applied by entering only the first number of the coupon.
* Fixed: Fixed some strings being untranslateable, updated some Dutch translations.
* Fixed: Removed French overseas territories from the list of nations as they are part of France.

= v3.19.0 - 05.10.2023 =
* NEW: Added Slovak (sk_SK) translations thanks to Jozef Kaffka at starline.sk
* Fixed: A potential fatal error generated by trying to call comments' get_comments_data() method on a null object.
* Fixed: Changed the Swiss Franc symbol from SFr to the correct CHF.
* Fixed: Currencies whose locale calls for a space separating the symbol and amount was not being honored.
* Fixed: Custom posts for image comments were created even when the comments feature is disabled.
* Fixed: Pro display types templates were adding an empty media attribute toelements which is invalid according to the W3C.
* Fixed: Stripe orders failed if users' provided email address had trailing space characters.
* Fixed: The Search display type template's "Filter by related tags" was not translateable.
* Fixed: The list of UK counties had several inaccuracies.
* Fixed: The string "Download" was not translateable on the View-Digital-Downloads-Order page.
* Changed: Removed the picturefill.js library which is no longer necessary.

= v3.17.0 - 04.12.2023 =
* NEW: Added Braintree payment gateway for processing card and PayPal transactions.

= v3.16.0 - 02.16.2023 =
* Fixed: Postcodes were incorrect for Jersey and Guernsey.
* Fixed: Pro Tile displays could be distorted when Hover Captions are enabled.
* Updated: WHCC shipping costs have been updated.

= v3.15.0 - 09.28.2022 =
* Changed: Updated Stripe SDK & API to the most recent version.

= v3.14.0 - 08.31.2022 =
* Changed: Removed use of Google Fonts. All necessary fonts are now bundled in NextGEN Pro.
* Fixed: Fixed an incompatibility with Siteground Starter breaking the Manage Pricelist pages.

= v3.13.0 - 05.25.2022 =
* NEW: Added metal, acrylic, and wood prints to the WHCC catalog.
* NEW: Added bamboo panels to the WHCC catalog.
* Changed: Made the Pro Lightbox cart sidebar load much more quickly.
* Fixed: Updated Japanese prefectures to correct several small mistakes.

= v3.12.0 - 04.13.2022 =
* Changed: Adjusted WHCC products shipping costs.
* NEW: Added an option to coupons restricting how many times coupons may be used.
* NEW: Added an option to set a default pricelist for new NextGEN galleries.

= v3.11.0 - 03.23.2022 =
* NEW: Added Spanish translations.
* NEW: Added the filter 'ngg_pro_display_license_form' (bool) for devs to hide the license form on demand.
* NEW: Restrict Pro Search results to images matching a multi-word tag when searching for that exact tag.
* Fixed: The license form is now hidden for non super-admin multisite users.

= v3.10.0 - 01.19.2022 =
* NEW: Replaced the previous upgrade process with a new one.
* Changed: Disabling email notifications on NextGEN Image comments.
* Fixed: PHP 8.1 warnings and deprecations.

= v3.9.0 - 09.08.2021 =
* Fixed: Pro Film displays lost styling when viewed as a child to an album

= v3.8.0 - 08.18.2021 =
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox could generate a fatal exception when closing and be unable to launch again
* Fixed: Restricting WHCC pricelist items to JPEG files only
* Fixed: When NextGEN Pro has updates available WordPress will not show any other plugins available updates
* Fixed: Latest versions of WooCommerce will generate a fatal error viewing the WP-Admin when both WooCommerce and NextGEN Pro have available updates

= v3.7.0 - 07.28.2021 =
* Fixed: Admin notification emails of new digital download purchases had no spacing after commas
* Fixed: PayPal Checkout always sent orders to WHCC's production servers even if PayPal's sandbox mode was enabled

= v3.6.0 - 07.13.2021 =
* Fixed: Album breadcrumbs were not displaying
* Fixed: Autoupdate logs could not be displayed with PHP 8.0+
* Fixed: Cart contents were not cleared after completing a purchase
* Fixed: Possible fatal error when viewing the WP-Admin pages as a non-administrator user
* Fixed: Autoupdate could check for updates more than once at a time
* Fixed: Several small timing adjustments to the Pro Lightbox

= v3.5.0 - 05.26.2021 =
* Fixed: Pro List Albums custom styling was not being applied
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox images appearing incorrectly when "Display sidebar at startup" is enabled with iOS

= v3.4.0 - 05.05.2021 =
* Fixed: All text strings can now be translated
* Fixed: Compatibility with other plugins that use the Stripe SDK
* Fixed: Ecommerce not working for images with a pricelist assigned unless the gallery has an assigned pricelist

= v3.3.0 - 03.24.2021 =
* Changed: Compatibility with NGG 3.9.0
* Fixed: Captions opacity dynamic with scrolling
* Fixed: Pro Albums linking issues with UTF8 names of child galleries or albums

= v3.1.11 - 02.17.2021 =
* Fixed: Problem with get_cart_items endpoint (1437)
* Fixed: Multiple word searches in the "Search" display type broke with pagination

= v3.1.9 - 02.10.2021 =
* Fixed: Pricelist items were not being moved to the trash and restored when their parent pricelist was modified (722)
* Fixed: Search Pricelist button not functioning (1397)
* Fixed: Upgraded galleria.js for compatibility with third parties (1426)

= V3.1.7 - 01.14.2021 =
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox not opening via trigger icons
* Fixed: Removed Composer dev dependencies from build

= V3.1.5 - 01.13.2021 =
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox not opening
* Fixed: Direct digital download links not working
* Fixed: Coupon details could not be saved or edited
* Fixed: Image proofs could not be submitted
* Fixed: PHP 8 compatibility

= v3.1.2 - 11.25.2020 =
* Fixed: The "Search" display type could not search or tag filter using some UTF8 characters
* Changed: Several changes have been made for future jQuery 3.5 compatibility

= V3.0.18 - 08.17.2020 =
* Fixed: Manage Pricelist page had several features broken by the WordPress 5.5 update

= v3.0.17 - 08.14.2020 =
* Fixed: Proofing submission and some ecommerce cart functions were broken by the WordPress 5.5 update

= v3.0.16 - 08.10.2020 =
* Fixed: Digital downloads were being served from the 'main' rather than 'backup' image files
* Fixed: Hover captions are broken with WordPress 5.5's jQuery upgrade
* Fixed: Hover captions styling was slightly misaligned with MS Edge

= v3.0.15 - 07.22.2020 =
* NEW: Added 'minimum relevance' setting to Search display type
* Fixed: "Delete pricelist" button was not working
* Fixed: Allow digital downloads of images to continue even if the image is deleted from NextGen as long as the file remains on the server
* Fixed: Bulk actions dropdown on Manage Orders didn't always appear
* Fixed: ECommerce setup wizard was halting at step 4
* Fixed: Fixed a PHP warning generated when calculating sales taxes
* Fixed: Hover captions would misalign Pro Tile displays
* Fixed: PayPal Checkout transactions failed if a coupon was applied to the cart
* Fixed: PayPal Checkout would not work with non-USD currencies
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox routing issue could cause the incorrect image to appear when loaded a second time
* Fixed: Pro Search's template used incorrect HTML closing tags
* Fixed: Search display types could not be inserted into a page when results were limited to albums that were also sub-albums to another album
* Fixed: The regions of France was out of date and required adjustments

= v3.0.13 - 04.21.2020 =
* Changed: Pro Lightbox will now enforce a minimum of 50% available screenpace when calculating padding
* Fixed: "(number) items" string in the cart sidebar was not translateable
* Fixed: 'Open in Pro Lightbox' setting not being honored by Pro Albums
* Fixed: Buttons on the cart checkout page were styled incorrectly with the Photocrati theme
* Fixed: Cart checkout page was not showing countries in the shipping fields when using IE11
* Fixed: Cart sidebar would generate javascript errors when using IE11
* Fixed: Images with very long descriptions could not be shared to Pinterest due to URL limits
* Fixed: Pro Film displays were not centered
* Fixed: Pro Film images were not center aligned when using the Photocrati theme
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox was bugged when viewing the results of a Pro Search display type
* Fixed: Removed inline javascript from display type templates
* Fixed: Resetting non-ecommerce settings caused the 'studio email' field to lose its value
* Fixed: Stripe webhook was failing to automatically mark orders as paid while generating an error about signature verification
* Fixed: Trim whitespace from shipping information when validating and processing orders

= v3.0.10 - 03.16.2020 =
* NEW: Added WP-CLI methods for viewing pricelists and orders
* NEW: Added frontend image search display type
* NEW: Added optional image title and descriptions to Pro Film displays
* Changed: Removed use of jquery.placeholder.js as it is no longer needed
* Fixed: Applying an invalid coupon after a valid coupon did not remove the valid coupon from the cart
* Fixed: Browser validation was failing to highlight the pricelist title field when saving a pricelist without a title
* Fixed: Customer order confirmation page did not include the second shipping line if provided
* Fixed: Horizontal filmstrip carousels were appearing incorrectly when using a right-to-left language
* Fixed: Hover Captions did not appear correctly with the TwentyTwenty theme
* Fixed: Hover captions' "Titlebar" style was displaying incorrectly
* Fixed: Prevent Pro Albums from displaying duplicate sub-albums and galleries when more than one Pro Album display exists on a page
* Fixed: Pro Albums could not display albums / galleries if they included an ampersand in their title
* Fixed: Pro Masonry displays were not working if the WordPress provided masonry.js was enqueued
* Fixed: Pro Sidescroll displays could sometimes show a horizontal scrollbar
* Fixed: Stripe orders were not including discounts from coupons
* Fixed: Stripe webhook handler was not sending admin notifications when encountering errors
* Fixed: Twitter Cards were passing a deprecated parameter

= v3.0.9 - 12.12.2019 =
* NEW: Added new PayPal Checkout payment gateway
* NEW: Added 'ngg_order_details_content' filter to control order confirmation text
* NEW: Added methods to WP-CLI to view and manipulate pricelists
* Changed: Include WHCC nexus states in sales tax by default if print lab is ready
* Changed: Increased list of WHCC nexus states from 8 to 31
* Changed: Renamed nextgen-gallery-pro.po to nextgen-gallery-pro.pot for better Loco Translate compatibility
* Changed: Set NGG_PRO_USE_WHCC_NEXUS to TRUE by default if print lab is ready
* Changed: The Stripe payment gateway no longer requires manually verifying the private key provided
* Changed: Updated basil.js used by ecommerce for cart storage
* Changed: Updated datetimepicker.js used by the coupons admin
* Changed: Updated pressure.js used for image protection features
* Changed: Updated sprintf.js used by ecommerce templates
* Changed: Updated velocity.js used by the pro lightbox to scroll the comments sidebar
* Fixed: Coupon codes could not be saved or edited when the site language was not English
* Fixed: Digital Downloads did not appear on the cart sidebar if they did not exceed minimum requirements
* Fixed: Hover captions sometimes caused JS errors if both image titles and descriptions were hidden
* Fixed: Masonry galleries could have small thumbnails along the right column with certain themes (like TwentyTwenty)
* Fixed: PayPal IPN events were generating multiple print lab orders
* Fixed: Some cart sidebar texts were not translating
* Fixed: Stripe checkout with free items in the cart would result in an error given to the customer
* Fixed: Submitting image proofs was bugged when the site language was not English
* Fixed: Testing keys or gateways were generating actual WHCC orders
* Fixed: The category dropdown when adding new pricelist items was not displaying correctly with WordPress 5.3
* Fixed: The shopping cart page loading-spinner appeared incorrectly with TwentyTwenty

= V3.0.6 - 11.06.2019 =
* Fixed: Stripe orders not marked as paid automatically.
* NOTE: Please click "Verify Stripe Keys" in Ecommerce Options -> Payment Gateways -> Stripe

= V3.0.5 - 10.15.2019 =
* NEW: (Optional) Free download items can now be downloaded directly from the Pro Lightbox cart sidebar
* Changed: Made "Resize images" feature an option when selling manually fulfilled items
* Changed: Stripe SDK has been upgraded to support 3DS. Now requires PHP 5.4.0+
* Changed: Updated gettext PO source
* Fixed: Applying an invalid coupon on the cart page would display "Invalid coupon" but apply the deduction anyway on the cart page display
* Fixed: Irish 'Eircode' were not validating correctly
* Fixed: Orders consisting entirely of downloadable items were being marked 'unpaid' if processed via PayPal
* Fixed: Orders processed by PayPal Express were not displaying the gateway name in the "Payment Gateway" column on the View Orders page
* Fixed: Orders with items from more than one pricelist could have the shipping costs applied for each pricelist
* Fixed: Pro Tiled Gallery images sometimes had incorrect sizing and/or aspect ratios
* Fixed: Some PayPal Standard IPN were not being processed
* Fixed: Subtotal amounts were not updating on the cart page when users with coupons changed item quantities

= v3.0.4 - 09.17.2019 =
* Changed: Renamed zip to postal code (more universal)
* Changed: Removed fullscreen button in Pro Lightbox (deprecated by browsers)
* Fixed: Add to cart buttons not appearing in IE Edge
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox urls invalid and not sharable
* Fixed: Do not allow items added to the cart without ecommerce requirements met
* Fixed: Cost of goods not formatted as currency in confirmation e-mails
* Fixed: CSS typo galleria.nextgen_pro_lightbox.css
* Fixed: Do not send emails until PayPal Standard orders are marked as paid

= v3.0.1 - 09.10.2019 =
* NEW: Added ngg_pro_taxjar_nexus and ngg_pro_taxjar_params filters
* NEW: Integrated with WHCC to provide automatic print lab fulfillment
* NEW: Integrated with TaxJar to provide automated sales tax calculations
* NEW: Ecommerce setup wizard
* NEW: Revamped interface for managing pricelists
* NEW: NextGEN Pro Tile display type
* NEW: Integration with currency conversion service
* NEW: Ability to crop images at checkout
* NEW: Validation of ecommerce options and payment gateways
* NEW: When NGG_PRO_LAB_TEST_MODE constant is set to true, print lab orders will not be fulfilled
* NEW: Automatically retry loading dynamic thumbnail generation urls
* Changed: Minimum version of NextGEN Gallery increased to 3.0.0
* Changed: Order data integrity is always preserved
* Changed: Added notices about SSL requirements
* Changed: Test gateway will always assume that NGG_PRO_LAB_TEST_MODE is set to true
* Fixed: Retina images generated at appropriate size
* Fixed: Memory optimizations when generating images
* Fixed: Excessive license checks and problems with caching
* Fixed: PHP warning when no nav menus exist for shopping cart icon
* Fixed: Styling and markup tweaks for 2019 redesign

= v2.6.12 - 03.27.2019 =
* Changed: Sharing with Facebook is now done through /share.php instead of the old /sharer/sharer.php
* Fixed: Albums did not display nested sub-albums if the child albums name was an integer
* Fixed: Horizontal Filmstrip and Slideshow galleries failed to run if their parent container was hidden at startup
* Fixed: NextGen Pro's product file was causing NextGen's activation routine to run too frequently
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox was scrolling to the top of the page after viewing a Pro Mosaic image

= v2.6.8 - 12.13.2018 =
* Fixed: Images "shared" to Facebook will no longer be directed to the site frontpage when visited
* Fixed: Stripe TLS 1.2 warnings were displaying even though the system supported TLS 1.2+
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox was unable to open older, "preview image" based ATP galleries

= v2.6.7 - 10.09.2018 =
* Changed: Improved quantity selectors in the Pro Lightbox ecommerce sidebar
* Changed: Numerous phpdoc entries have been corrected
* Changed: Pro Lightbox 'cart updated' message was moved to avoid other elements being repositioned
* Changed: Upgraded FontAwesome to version 5
* Fixed: Pro Imagebrowser navigation was positioned incorrectly with RTL languages
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox carousel was misstyled with RTL languages
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox was not honoring 'Apply to all images' lightbox setting

= V2.6.3 - 07.24.2018 =
* NEW: Added French translations
* NEW: Added German translations
* NEW: Added Slovakian translations
* NEW: Browsers on mobile devices can now use the Pro Lightbox open-with-cart-sidebar and open-with-comments-sidebar features
* NEW: Pro Masonry displays can now have proofing enabled (requires hover captions, pro lightbox)
* NEW: Warn admins that Stripe requires TLS 1.2 and their system is affected
* Changed: Plugin URL in nggallery-pro.php has been updated for accuracy
* Fixed: Hover captions compatibility with thickbox effect
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox image captions were sometimes floated when sharing icons were disabled
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox images were not correctly centered at startup under iOS
* Fixed: Pro Masonry displays included a single gallery-level trigger icon that should not have been included

= V2.6.0 - 05.16.2018 =
* NEW: Complete redesign of NextGEN Gallery backend interface
* NEW: Pro Lightbox option to disable carousel thumbnails
* NEW: Pro Lightbox uses Facebook JS SDK to generate share dialogs
* Changed: Location of NextGen Pro Ecommerce in the main WordPress admin menu
* Changed: Optimized Pro Lightbox for performance, especially mobile devices
* Changed: Galleria.js upgraded to the latest version (1.5.7)
* Fixed: Gutenberg compatibility
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox sidebar overlay not being removed when comments are disabled / users must be registered
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox will no longer attempt to use synchronous XHR

= V2.5.7 - 06.21.2017 =
* NEW: Added Dutch translations as provided by Frank Leenders
* Changed: Updated Pro Lightbox comment mechanism to use latest WP conventions
* Changed: Uses KSES sanitization where applicable
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox routing when wordpress_page_root not defined
* Fixed: Pricelist requires at least one item to be saved
* Fixed: NextGEN Widget always opens first image in Pro Lightbox
* Fixed: Masonry display in Twenty Seventeen has overlapping image borders

= V2.5.5 - 05.23.2017 =
* Changed: Updated to PictureFill 3.0.2
* Changed: Use KSES sanitization for output of properties which allow HTML
* Changed: Provide the ability to reset NGG options with and without ecommerce settings
* Changed: Proofs sent to Ecommerce Options > Email > Order notification e-mail recipient
* Fixed: Ability to include html in pro thumbnail caption templates
* Fixed: Removed tooltip caption showing on top Pro Mosaic hover captions
* Fixed: Stripped certain html tags from hover caption effects
* Fixed: Removed use of PHP Sessions from Cheque module

= V2.5.0 - 03.28.2017 =
* NEW: Pro Imagebrowser Gallery
* NEW: Template support for Pro Galleries (requires NextGEN Gallery 2.2.0 or later)
* NEW: Three new Pro Imagebrowser templates (requires NextGEN Gallery 2.2.0 or later)
* NEW: Three new Pro Thumbnail Grid templates (requires NextGEN Gallery 2.2.0 or later)
* Changed: Updated Imagely branding in Pro Modules
* Changed: Branding changes from Photocrati to Imagely
* Changed: Use localStorage for cart instead of cookies by default. May adjust using option.
* Fixed: Digital Downloads tab showing in sidebar without products added
* Fixed: View Cart button in Pro Lightbox not working in IE11 in certain cases
* Fixed: Album setting 'Open gallery in Pro Lightbox' working on thumbnail but not title
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox settings to display comments and cart initially can both be selected
* Fixed: Presure.js generating errors in IE11 in certain cases
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox 'Localize limit' interferes with Pro Album 'Open in Lightbox' option
* Fixed: Ensure that modules are loaded when NGG re-activates using WordPress 4.7
* Fixed: Incompatibilities with Elegant Themes
* Fixed: Hover captions not appearing
* Fixed: Misalignment of images in the Pro Lightbox
* Fixed: Images appear as zoomed in the Pro Lightbox
* Fixed: Ability to use quotes in pricelist titles
* Fixed: Various PHP warnings and notices

= V2.3.63 - 12.13.2016 =
* NEW: Added display type aliases to Pro display types
* Changed: Minimum required version of NextGEN Gallery is now 2.1.49 or higher
* Changed: Upgrading PHP-Parser to 2.1.0 for PHP7 compatibility for build generation
* Fixed: The ability to add-to-cart on devices that have both touch and mouse inputs
* Fixed: Conflict with Gravity Forms
* Fixed: Local shipping rate applied to international orders
* Fixed: The ability to key "k" during a Pro Sidescroll
* Fixed: Pagination not working with "Open gallery in Pro Lightbox" feature for albums

= V2.3.61 - 11.17.2016 =
* Fixed: Removed experimental category support for pricelists

= V2.3.60 - 11.16.2016 =
* Fixed: Don't double-minify static resources in gulp build script
* Fixed: Hover captions working on all display types
* Fixed: Pro lightbox not working on iOS
* Fixed: Scrolling not working on iOS
* Fixed: Long tap image protection improvements on iOS
* Fixed: Only show "display galleries as" option for albums when relevant
* Fixed: Pro Sidescroll galleries are moved offscreen until they initialize

= V2.3.58 - 10.12.2016 =
* Fixed: Use local version of imagesloaded if not provided by WordPress for Pro Sidescroll

= V2.3.56 - 10.12.2016 =
* NEW: Added Pro Sidescroll Gallery
* Changed: Now uses gulp for package compilation & JS/CSS minification
* Changed: Removed "by Photocrati" from plugin description
* Changed: Reorganized lightbox settings design to be more intuitive
* Fixed: Hover captions not running and/or not including image descriptions in some circumstances
* Fixed: Long press on mobile devices opening context menu when image protection was enabled
* Fixed: Pro Mosaic previously required NextGen's lightbox setting to not be "None"

= V2.3.53 - 08.31.2016 =
* NEW: Added the ability to click on album galleries to open in Pro Lightbox
* NEW: Display a cart with dynamic total in menu
* Changed: Mentions of Photocrati to Imagely
* Fixed: Images not responsive for all display types
* Fixed: Cannot save or delete pricelists using non-english languages
* Fixed: Long image descriptions being obscured by the Pro Lightbox sidebar
* Fixed: Ensure Pro albums show gallery descriptions on gallery-within-album pages
* Fixed: Ensure that Retina images fit within the same dimensions as non-retina images on Pro Film and Pro Album types
* Fixed: New pages not created in Ecommerce Options page

= V2.3.48 - 08.01.2016 =
* NEW: Coupons and discount support
* NEW: Free items and $0 orders
* NEW: Gulp build system
* NEW: Added "Enable fullscreen" option to Pro Lightbox
* NEW: Added image thumbnail to lightbox sidebars (when browser width < 520px) * Changed: Increased size of Pro Lightbox sidebar * Changed: Pro Lightbox carousel no longer obscures the displayed image * Changed: Updated JustifiedGallery to 3.6.1 * Fixed: Display the tax on the thank you page * Fixed: Dynamic ecommerce pages not being rendered correctly on home pages with no loop * Fixed: Resolved all found PHP warnings/notices/deprecations and strict errors * Fixed: Pro Mosaic spacing issue when margin option set to zero * Fixed: Convert PayPal Express Checkout module to use curl and fsockopen directly instead of using WP HTTP classes * Fixed: Display tax at PayPal Standard * Fixed: PayPal IPNs not being processed correctly for PayPal Standard * Fixed: PayPal Standard customer receipts have $0.00 order total = V2.3.45 - 04.26.2016 = - NEW: A simple percentage tax option - Fixed: Navigating to a new image in the Pro Lightbox sometimes using the prior images url when sharing to social media - Fixed: Horizontal Filmstrip & Slideshow not displaying ecommerce triggers - Fixed: Horizontal Filmstrip not displaying carousel thumbnails with Photocrati-theme - Fixed: Display of existing orders totals, subtotals, and shipping amounts whose pricelist was edited post-purchase = V2.3.42 - 03.15.2016 = * Fixed: Ensure that modules are compiled and that CSS/JS is minified = V2.3.41 - 02.29.2016 = * Fixed: Pro Lightbox navigation when image protection is enabled = V2.3.40 - 02.25.2016 = * NEW: Add-To-Cart and Proofing icons are added to Pro Captions * NEW: Added filter "ngg_ecommerce_page_list" * NEW: All Pro modules are now compiled before distribution * NEW: Finnish translation (first Pro translation!) * NEW: NextGen Pro Mosaic display type * NEW: Pro Lightbox can be padded and toggled full-browser * NEW: Pro Lightbox sets opacity through CSS class instead of inline style * Changed: "Lato" font is used for all parts of the ecommerce / checkout process now * Changed: All Pro templates now use "echo esc_attr()" instead of esc_attr_e() to avoid possible translation incompatibility * Changed: Digital Downloads page now hides the description column if the browser width is less than 400px * Changed: If the browser width is under 650px the cart & order-confirmation pages will place preview images and order description on their own rows rather than side-by-side * Changed: Pro Lightbox can now more efficiently initialize with large galleries * Changed: Pro Lightbox close-lightbox, toggle-sidebar, and toggle-carousel icons are much larger on touch devices * Changed: Pro Lightbox now defaults to the "white" style * Changed: Pro Lightbox now has its own routing code and does not rely on backbone.js. Closing the pro-lightbox no longer ends in a URL of "#" * Changed: Pro Lightbox sidebars are now 350px and not a variable width * Changed: Pro Thumbnail Grid now defaults to never displaying trigger icons * Changed: Removed Pro Lightbox option "touch transition effect": Galleria.js ignores this setting for touch devices if swipe is enabled. * Changed: Removed iframes from Pro Slideshow and Pro Horizontal Filmstrip, upgraded to Galleria 1.4.2 * Changed: Several tweaks to the ecommerce checkout styling * Fixed: Changing the orientation of Chrome on iOS will no longer result in more than one main-image being displayed at once * Fixed: Comments module was generating a warning post WP 4.4 * Fixed: Picturefill module was not working correctly with images containing spaces in their URL * Fixed: Pro Blog Gallery compatibility with TwentyFifteen theme (some attributes were not applying to the img element, our CSS needed a finer selector) * Fixed: Pro Grid Album thumbnails appeared outside their container with IE-11 * Fixed: Pro Horizontal Filmstrip now handles mixed-height thumbnails in the carousel * Fixed: Pro Lightbox comments were not linking to the origin URL correctly * Fixed: Several changes were made to the Pro Lightbox to be more mobile (especially iOS 9) friendly * Fixed: View Orders page compatibility with WordPress 4.4 = V2.3.5 - 07.13.2015 = * Fixed: Galleria and comments modules not updated during auto-update process = V2.3.0 - 06.22.2015 = * NEW: Retina support for Pro display types * NEW: Hover captions for Pro display types * NEW: Breadcrumb support for Pro Albums * NEW: Internationalization support * NEW: Sharing images supports Twitter Card * NEW: Added max height option for Pro Blog display type * Changed: NextGEN Pro Lightbox does not require transients * Changed: Significant performance improvement to NextGEN Pro Lightbox. Removed iframes. * Changed: Updated to the latest Stripe SDK * Changed: Default thumbnail dimensions for horizontal filmstrips are 120x90 * Fixed: jQuery explicitly marked as dependency for Masonry * Fixed: Auto deactivation of NextGEN Pro when NextGEN Plus is activated * Fixed: Various styling issues of NextGEN Pro Lightbox * Fixed: Styling conflicts between Shopping Cart page and TwentyFifteen theme * Fixed: CSS z-index issues with the Pro Lightbox * Fixed: Restore scroll position after closing the Pro Lightbox in full-screen mode * Fixed: Various styling improvements to the autogenerated ecommerce-related content * Fixed: Display checkboxes in comment form regardless of theme * Fixed: Display triggers for blog style galleries when images are a mix of landscape and portrait photos * Fixed: Determine whether override image settings is enabled for blog style * Fixed: Broken blog style images = V2.1.4 - 11.18.2014 = * Fixed: Activating Plus doesn't deactivate Pro; fatal error * Fixed: Fatal error when NextGEN Gallery is disabled = V2.1.1 - 11.17.2014 = * Fixed: Fatal error when activating without NextGEN Gallery installed = V2.1 - 11.13.2014 = * NEW: Added the ability to proof galleries * NEW: Image protection feature to protect from theft * NEW: Added Test Gateway to evaluate checkout procedure * NEW: Added "Pay by Check" mechanism * NEW: Added NGG_ALLOW_CROSS_ORIGIN_FRAMING constant for those that need it * NEW: Added "%%file_list%%" placeholder for ecommerce-related e-mails * NEW: Digital downloads are served from PHP for compatibility and security reasons * NEW: Added "display cart" setting to Pro Lightbox to open sidebar automatically * NEW: Ability to duplicate pricelists * Changed: When NextGEN Gallery 2.0.68 is installed, only enqueue static resources when needed * Changed: Don't enqueue scripts or styles unless we require them * Changed: Updated Stripe SDK to the latest version * Changed: Don't use SSLv3 when connecting to PayPal via cURL to avoid Poodle vulnerability * Changed: Default all pro display types ngg_triggers_display to 'always' * Fixed: Forward-compatibility with NextGEN Gallery * Fixed: Use NextGEN Gallery's version of FontAwesome * Fixed: Problems with album routing * Fixed: Dynamic ecommerce pages not using default is_singular page templates * Fixed: Pro Lightbox not opening correctly on Firefox * Fixed: Display of currency in wide variety of character sets * Fixed: Ecommerce instructions should be the last item in the menu * Fixed: Social sharing links of the Pro Lightbox pointed to the wrong image * Fixed: Pro Lightbox performance improvements * Fixed: Cart not clearing after successful checkout * Fixed: Pricelists cannot be deleted, only trashed * Fixed: Optimized queries related to pricelists * Fixed: Use image filename as item id for PayPal Standard * Fixed: Display of view licensing terms link in ecommerce sidebar * Fixed: Reversed pro thumbnail grid hover effect to avoid image saturation * Fixed: Correct calculation and display of order totals for international orders * Fixed: Display image filename in cart * Fixed: Alignment issues * Fixed: Allow a shipping rate of $0 * Fixed: Show processing indicator when checkout button is clicked = V2.0 – 06.18.2014 = * NEW: E-commerce functionality added to the Pro Lightbox * NEW: Payment gateways for Stripe, PayPal Standard, and PayPal Express Checkout * NEW: Forward compatibility with new lightbox manager implementation * Fixed: Added notice to Roles tab about Change options capability and ecommerce * Fixed: Use image filename as item number for PayPal Standard. * Fixed: Masonary display type adjusted for responsiveness; no longer relies on dynamic thumbnails * Fixed: Captions position issues with Horizontal Filmstrip and Slideshow display types = V1.0.17 - 04.24.2014 = * NEW: NextGEN Pro will automatically deactivate if it's dependencies aren't met * NEW: Compatibility fixes with WordPress 3.9 * NEW: Added an option to the Pro Lightbox to display captions automatically * NEW: Added an option to the Pro Lightbox to open the comment/social sidebar automatically * NEW: Renamed all constants to use NGG_ prefix * Changed: Removed double-tap capability for the Pro Lightbox in fullscreen mode * Changed: Adjusted the way setting parameters are passed to Galleria themes * Changed: Removed thumbnail_quality & thumbnail_watermark fields for all display types * Changed: Use FontAwesome library that is bundled with NextGEN Gallery * Changed: Removed obsolete CSS rules used for Jetpack compatibility * Changed: Removed 1px black border from images in Pro Film galleries * Changed: Removed backbone/underscore from Pro Lightbox scripts property * Changed: Use relative urls instead of absolute urls for Pro Lightbox resources * Fixed: Various iOS compatibility issues * Fixed: Fix size and positioning of images in Horizontal Filmstrip and Slideshow galleries * Fixed: Positioning of captions for Horizontal Filmstrip and Slideshow galleries * Fixed: Flickering between image transitions for Horizontal Filmstrip and Slideshow galleries * Fixed: Image alignment and cropping settings for Horizontal Filmstrip and Slideshow galleries * Fixed: Center Film galleries within their parent container. Remove any whitespace in the markup * Fixed: Vertically-align images to the top of the image container for Grid Albums * Fixed: Remove "crop" setting for Blog Style galleries * Fixed: Styling of Pro List Albums * Fixed: Routing conflicts for albums on the same page * Fixed: Adjust position of comment toggle icon * Fixed: Apply nl2br() to all gallery descriptions * Fixed: Images aren't forced to be larger than their original dimensions in Blog Style galleries * Fixed: Don't display PHP errors/warnings in JSON response for pre_comments AJAX action * Fixed: Don't open Pro Lightbox for links that are to use ImageBrowser as the lightbox effect * Fixed: Allow HTML in the Pro Lightbox for image titles & descriptions * Fixed: Use original sized image when sharing an image via Facebook/OpenGraph * Fixed: Provide detailed data in OpenGraph representation * Fixed: OpenGraph should work with default and custom permalinks * Fixed: Use correct value for Yes/No setting selections for Pro Lightbox * Fixed: When opening the Pro Lightbox for a gallery using random images, display the correct image = V1.0.12 - 03.28.2014 = * NEW: Added E-commerce functionality = V1.0.10 - 11.26.2013 = * NEW: Pro Lightbox may be applied to non-NGG images * NEW: Pro Lightbox appearance now configurable with two presets, "Light" and "Dark" * NEW: Added Slideshow and Transition Speed settings for Pro Lightbox * NEW: Added "faux fullscreen" mode for browsers that don't support native fullscreen * NEW: Provide instructions after activation for enabling the Pro Lightbox * NEW: Ability to choose display type for galleries within Pro Albums * NEW: Grid albums are responsive * NEW: Added NextGEN Gallery version detection for compatibility reasons * Changed: Auto-update modules shared across Photocrati products (NextGEN Pro + Photocrati Theme) * Fixed: Addressed many performance concerns with Pro Lightbox * Fixed: The ability to view galleries within albums that have numeric names * Fixed: Generate thumbnails if they don't exist before trying to use them * Fixed: Properly enqueue scripts/styles to avoid "did it wrong" errors from WordPress * Fixed: Toggle-fullscreen button now toggles its icon-type correctly when users leave fullscreen * Fixed: Slideshows/filmstrips jumping to top left corner when clicking on the image * Fixed: Check existence of transient before rendering gallery * Fixed: Don't apply Pro Lightbox to images that specify a non-existing target * Fixed: Filmstrip captions cutting off tall images * Fixed: Compatibility with third party plugins and themes that use FontAwesome * Fixed: Custom CSS stylesheets are now applied to the Pro Lightbox * Fixed: Pro Lightbox compatibility with Opera * Fixed: Increase minimum screen size for displaying trigger buttons * Fixed: Share original images with Pinterest * Fixed: Lightbox conflicts with Photocrati Theme = V1.0.6 - 08.21.2013 = * Fixed: Use settings class compatible with multisite * Fixed: Fixed PHP notices for invalid index in wp-admin * Fixed: Fixed invalid use of wp_register_script/wp_enqueue_script notices * Changed: Comments: return in comment_post_redirect filter * Fixed: Ensure that we don't check for updates until our check time has expired = V1.0.4 - 08.09.2013 = * NEW: All Pro display types' styles can be customized by "Other Options -> Styles"
* Changed: NextGEN Pro requires NextGEN Gallery 2.0.7 or later
* Fixed: Pro Slideshows and Horizontal Filmstrip are fully responsive
* Fixed: NextGEN Pro is loaded after NextGEN Gallery 2.0.x
* Fixed: Pro Lightbox CSS is compatible with many other themes
* Fixed: Incompatibility with WPMUDEV's Membership plugin
* Fixed: Fix autoupdate cache not being properly managed when the server would return 0 updates
* Fixed: Pro Album styling issues in some themes such as 2013

= V1.0 - 07.30.2013 =
* NEW: Added Pro Lightbox, with social sharing and commenting functionality
* NEW: Added Pro Blog Style display type
* NEW: Added Pro Thumbnail Grid Style display type
* NEW: Added Pro List & Grid Album display types
* NEW: Added Pro Film display type
* NEW: Added Galleria Display Type Engine
* NEW: Added Pro Horizontal Filmstrip display type
* NEW: Added Pro Slideshow display type
* NEW: Added Pro Masonry display type
* Changed: Since Beta #1, we're using a new Installer and Settings Manager implementation
* Changed: Since Beta #1, we cache the final rendering output of display galleries

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