nextgen-check-payment-gatewayNextGEN Pro now includes a check payment gateway for image orders.

The way it works is straight forward.... with the gateway turned on and the address information saved (in Ecommerce Options), your customers have the ability to submit their contact information with the order.

If the order contains a print then you can prepare the image for print while you wait for the check to arrive.

If the order contains a digital download then the customer will not have access to the download until you receive the check.

When the check arrives, visit View Orders and using the bulk selection tool, check off the order in question and select the option to verify the payment.

From there, the order will be approved and the customer will have access to the digital download.  You can then finish the print process as well.

If you'd like to see more features within the check payment gateway, please submit your request here.

Visit the help section for more information on NextGEN Pro's Ecommerce options.

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  1. Hi, i am using imagely in my web page, i sell prints and Digital downloads
    When the clients choose pay by check, sometimes they take a lot of time to make the deposit, so i would like to remind them to make it but i cant or don´t know how to see the information in the form they fill when they choose pay by check.

    Could you be so kind to help me with this issue


    Best Regards
    Martin Forstmann

    1. Hi Martin,

      I’m not quite understanding your question. However, it’s probably best for you to work with support as it sounds support related.

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