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NextGEN Gallery allows you to add watermarks to your images individually or as a batch. To set your watermark settings, go to Gallery > Other Options > Watermarks:


Here are the available watermark settings:

  1. How will you generate a watermark?: There are two options, Using text or Using an Image.
  2. Position: You can use this setting to define the location of the watermark.
  3. Offset:  Padding to your watermark based on pixels.
  4. Preview of saved settings: That button allows you to see how the watermark will look. It will use the first image from your first gallery.

Watermark Settings: Using text, Position, Offsert, Preview

How to set up your Text Watermark

  1. Go to Gallery > Other Options > Watermarks.
  2. On "How will you generate a watermark?" choose "Using Text".
  3. Choose the position. For this example, we used the bottom right corner.
  4. Set the offset options, we used 15/5 pixels.
  5. Click on "(Show Customization Options)".

Show customization options

  1. Set up the format for your text:
    1. Text: The text that you are going to use as your watermark.
    2. Opacity: 100% means that the text will be completely visible. For this example, we used 60%.
    3. Font Family:  The style, at this moment you only have two options: YanoneKaffeesatz-Bold and Arial.
    4. Font color: the color of your watermark. By default, it is set up to white.
  2. Click on Refresh Preview Image to check how your watermark is going to look.

Refresh Preview image

  1. Finally, click on "Save Options"

Save options

How to set up your Image Watermark

  1. Go to Gallery > Other Options > Watermarks.
  2. On "How will you generate a watermark?" choose "Using Image".
  3. Choose the position.
  4. Set the offset options, we used 15/5 pixels.
  5. Click on "(Show Customization Options)" -- that will display the available options.
  6. Image URL: Include if possible the absolute path to that image. You can upload that one to your WordPress Media Library if you like.
  7. Click on "Refresh Preview Image" to have a glance at the watermark. Remember, the plugin will be using the first image in the first gallery.

  1. Finally, click on "Save Options". 

Save options

How to get the absolute URL from the logo

If you have uploaded the watermark image into the WordPress Media Gallery, you can copy the absolute URL from here.


To add your watermark to your images individually or as a batch, go to Gallery > Manage Galleries > [select gallery to edit] > under bulk actions drop-down select 'Set Watermark'. Click 'Apply'.

A modal window will come up, Choose "Ok" if you want to proceed. If you click on "Cancel" the watermark will not be applied.

Problems and workarounds

The Watermark is not visible

    • Sometimes the watermark is not immediately visible in the thumbnails. To fix that, Go to Gallery >  Other Options > Miscellaneous > Clear image cache.
      Use the button "Clear Image Cache".

    • If that doesn't work, try changing your watermark image to .png.
    • Create small files and change the name to one word without spaces or special characters.
      Export your watermark to PNG instead of JPG.

Overlapping watermarks in preview mode

Watermarks work like a stamp every time you save them and sometimes could overlap.

To clear the watermarks, clean the image URL input and click on "Refresh preview image".
Save, and then you will be able to see the preview of without the watermark.

The watermark looks too small

Check the size of your watermark: The size of your watermark matters. If your photo is big and your watermark is too small you might not even see it. So, for this example, the image is 1024x683 pixels, and the watermark is 50x50 pixels. The contrast of that watermark is not so good and is almost invisible. You need, of course, to adjust the watermark based on your NextGEN Gallery Image resize settings.

Remove watermark from your photos

Watermarks are applied to the thumbnails and resized versions of your photos. Nevertheless, your digital download photos and the ones used for PrintLab will not be affected. To have a clean photo without the overlapping watermarks use the "Recover from Backup" option available in your Gallery Bulk options.
Note: "Backup the original images?" needs to be set to "Yes" before uploading your photos in your NextGEN Gallery Options.


You can use a Photo edition software to include your own watermarks which will provide you with more freedom in the position of your watermark.

Watermark videos

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