Introducing NextGEN Pro EcommerceWe are so extremely excited to share this announcement with you.  One of the biggest feature requests from NextGEN Pro users was the ability to sell images. So we looked at all of the Ecommerce plugins available for WordPress and did not find one that was ideal for selling images.

So we took our own steps to building one.  The goal of NextGEN Pro Ecommerce is to simplify the process of selling your images without the bulk of other Ecommerce features not directly related to this task.

NextGEN Pro Ecommerce now allows you to:

  • Manage multiple price lists
  • Connect 1 price list to a gallery
  • Override individual image price list choices
  • Disable individual images from being sold
  • Sell digital downloads of your images
  • Separate domestic and international shipping rates
  • Price shipping as a fixed amount of percentage
  • Accept PayPal standard, PayPal express (better) and Stripe for credit cards (no SSL required)

More is planned but that's the first step.  You can find the new documentation on Ecommerce on the NextGEN help page.

Check out the new NextGEN Pro page w/ full details about what's included.

At this point you may be wondering what happens to NextGEN Pro if you do not want Ecommerce. Well, we thought ahead and decided to release NextGEN Plus at the same time.  Basically NextGEN Plus is exactly what you had in NextGEN Pro prior to Ecommerce.  NextGEN Plus is now priced at $39 a year whereas NextGEN Pro is now $99 a year due to Ecommerce and what else we have planned for it.

Oh, and if you purchased NextGEN Pro at $39, you're grandfathered in so your price will not go up!

As a NextGEN Pro customers you have the option to install NextGEN Pro or NextGEN Plus.  So if you do not want Ecommerce then simply delete NextGEN Pro and install NextGEN Plus.  You will not see any changes to your galleries. Activating Plus will deactivate Pro and vice versa.

New NextGEN Plus customers only have access to NextGEN Plus, not NextGEN Pro.

As always, if you would like to see features added to NextGEN Pro for Ecommerce or NextGEN Plus, please submit and vote for features here.

We hope you enjoy the new NextGEN Pro Ecommerce,


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  1. HI there,

    Can you disable digital download option for products, so that only prints are available to purchase?

    1. Yes you can. When creating a pricelist you simply leave the digital downloads fields blank, and that section will not be included.

  2. Are there any plans to introduce multiple shipping rates e.g. UK, EU and International? That’s quite a common setup for UK customers I would say.


  3. Is it possible to have multi vendors ? and is there any client area ?

    1. Vendors as in print labs? Right now NextGEN Pro is a self-fulfill system. Print lab integration is in the works, and WHCC will be the first lab. There is not really a backend client area. Clients access their orders via email and a dynamic URL.

      1. Just checking in about WHCC integration? This would be HUGE, and the missing piece I’m looking for in my workflow.

        1. Lab integration is complete and functional, going through final tweaks internally. We hope to have a beta for customers after the holidays and launching early 2019.

          1. Can’t wait for this feature! Desperately need to update my site, want to sell prints, but really want to drop-ship with WHCC. Will you announce when live? I’ll re-up my Photocrati then!!

      2. It’s June 2019 and wanted to check on the status of WHCC integration? Update?

        I’m currently using Fotomoto and would like the same functionality built right into NextGen Pro, but with much tighter and less buggy integration.

  4. Hi,
    Just wondering am I able to get a backend demo so that I can see how the plugin works before buying?

    Thanks Callum

      1. Great thank you, Does the lifetime access version for 399 allow you to have the plugin active on multiple sites?

          1. Thank you, are you able to provide me with a screenshot of a demo order? What information do you get as the seller? Do you get the gallery name and image reference (IMG_0001) in the order?

          2. Here is the standard email template, which can be customized:

            You received a payment of %%total_amount%% from %%customer_name%%. For more details, visit: %%order_details_page%%


            Here is a comma separated list of the image file names. You can copy and
            paste this in your favorite image management software to quickly search for
            and find all selected images.

            Files: %%file_list%%

  5. Thank you, is there a way to see which gallery it has been ordered from? Also is there an orders page built into the plugin that displays all previous orders?

    1. The order confirmation doesn’t say specifically what gallery it was from, but that’s where your filenames come in as you can search for the image files in your digital asset manager. As far as order history, we don’t offer an account area. All orders use dynamic URLs for revisiting. This simplifies the process for checkout, making it fast and easy for customers and won’t require them signing up for anything. For example: https://domain. com/cart/order/?order=dde3fe66131a79d474df3271cb423594&ngg_order_complete=1

  6. Just bought Photocrati and NextGEN Pro, overall I’m very satisfied. Just wanted to say one thing I really want to see, and I think this will massively improve the checkout options, is to have radio buttons or dropdown selectors for product options. One dropdown is print size, another is matte/glossy, another is mat/no mat, or for canvas prints a dropdown is for image wrap around edge, or black on edge, or white on edge, etc. Having to list everything separately is very messy and doesn’t look professional in my opinion. Please make this happen! I was told this would happen in early 2018 so I’m patiently waiting!!

    1. I’ll second what Kevin says about drop-downs.
      A place to add multiple papertypes/image sizes without the need to create duplicate pricelists would be great.

  7. The only problem my customers and I face is the buying user experience with digital downloads.

    I quite often have over 300 images for selection and nextgen have made this it is an extremely painful process.

    is it possible that a user can select multiple images in the gallery view and add them to the basket? You already have this functionality for the proof selection.

    Most of my customers purchase their photos through a mobile phone and to be able to select multiple images for purchase will make the user experience 100% better. Please let me know if you are working on this.

    1. That is something we have on the roadmap to do. You’re welcome to add your vote as a feature request by opening a support ticket for it.

  8. Can you disable the ecommerce menu item / part of the pro? Our clients uses some pro features but nothing ecom. They keep getting confused.

  9. Hi

    Can the sidebar with purchase details show by default – i.e. instead of the user needing to click on the cart icon first?

  10. Hi, are there any plans to have a UK lab or deliver to the UK?

  11. Can we use nextgen as a multivendor marketplace in which users can sell their pictures…

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