Meet Simplicity, Our Latest Genesis Child Theme

Meet Simplicity, Our Latest Genesis Child Theme
We are very excited to announce our latest theme, Simplicity. It's a stunning Genesis child theme designed for photographers. It boasts a full width and height background slideshow on a minimal homepage. Individual pages continue the background beautification with a static background image. Its fully responsive design flows amazing when viewed on a desktop all the way to a small handheld device.

Simplicity is now available for all theme customers and will soon be rolled out to all hosting customers.

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Scott Wyden Kivowitz

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  1. So, I’m curious about these home pages with nothing but an image and menu on some of the themes. Have you tested how this impacts on-page SEO as compared to the deeper home pages on themes like Ansel and Free Spirit, etc?

    I’m using a few of the themes for vacation rental owners/managers and SEO/search rankings are super important to them.

    1. There’s no SEO advantage of having a text-less homepage. However, this is a design style that is quite popular among photographers. So it becomes a tradeoff as to what’s more important… a visual impact of the homepage or SEO of the homepage. In reality, focusing SEO efforts on the homepage might not be the best choice for a business. But every business have different priorities.

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