Previously in NextGEN Gallery users had to sort within the Manage Gallery area. In the new NextGEN Gallery 2.0 you can still do it that way. However, now there is another method of sorting images.

Here is a video showing how to go about sorting your galleries on a per post/page basis.

As you can see it's easy to sort your galleries using both methods.

We hope you enjoy the updated and new sorting functions.


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  1. Using the info in this tutorial, I see no “Sort Gallery” button/option in my Manage Gallery page. Did this button go away with a plugin update? If so, now where do I go to sort the images in a gallery?

    1. Check your default sort options. If it’s not set to Custom then you won’t see a Sort Gallery button.

    2. Never mind. I changed my “Other Options” setting to “Custom”… the the Sort button magically appeared. Any reason the Sort button can’t be visible by default… meaning that it never is hidden away? Sometimes the steps required are so cumbersome. Just a thought. Thanks!

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