One of the big improvements we have planned for NextGEN Gallery is a new interface for adding and managing galleries from the page or post interface.

The way NextGEN is currently set up, Galleries are created and managed from the Galleries tab, and displayed from the Post/Page interface. This works great for most task, and we'll be keeping and improving the centralized Gallery area.

But it can also be cumbersome if users need to go back and forth between the Post/Page interface and their Gallery areas.

To make things simpler, our new Post/Page interface will allow users to create and manage galleries without going to the Gallery area. Here's a quick list of what will be possible with the new interface:

  • Create galleries directly from the post/page interface. Go straight to the Post or Page, click to add a gallery, upload your images, adjust gallery settings, and publish.
  • Manage or update galleries directly from the post/page interface. Once galleries are displayed, ymanage them directly from the Post / Page interface.
  • Manage or update images directly from post/page interface. Along with managing and adjusting gallery-level settings from the Post or Page, you'll also be able to edit many image settings  - including things like meta data and captions - directly from the post or page.
  • More gallery-specific settings. We'll also begin to provide more options to customize gallery settings at the post- or page-level rather than depending on Global settings for things like slideshow transitions and speeds.

This and many more things are in the works for our next big NextGEN update.

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