How To Test Site Changes Locally w/ Pressmatic

How To Test Site Changes Locally w/ PressmaticOne of the things we hear photographers say that scares them from WordPress is updates. Some photographers think every WordPress, theme or plugin update will break their site.

That's where staging sites and local instances come in handy. If your host does not offer staging sites, then try using a local site instead.

Around here in Imagely camp we use multiple tools for the job. Some are extremely advanced, which our developers tend to use. Others are simpler like MAMP and Pressmatic.

Before PressmaticĀ I was using MAMP. ButĀ I prefer Pressmatic as it's the easiest of them all. So much so that I'd highly recommend photographers using it too.

With Pressmatic you can literally setup a WordPress site on your local computer in about 10-30 seconds. From there you can install and play as much as you want. All without breaking or modifying your live website. Have a look!

Want to learn more or get updated on when the Windows version is ready? Visit Pressmatic today to check it out.

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