Adobe Lightroom for NextGEN Gallery

Publish and manage WordPress galleries directly from Lightroom.

Your Workflow

Use it in your photography workflow like you would any other Lightroom plugin.


Navigate, organize, manage and publish using methodology that you are already used to.

Never Blocked

Intelligent communication ensures your image uploads never get blocked due to security.


Manage your galleries and albums offline in Lightroom. Publsh them when you're connected.

Raw to JPEG

Edit in RAW and the plugin will upload in JPG, retaining all metadata information you specify.


Edit images and meta data in Lightroom, then republish updates to your website with one click.

Excellent plug-in a must for every photographer

The free version of this plug-in is absolutely fantastic you can still do a lot of things with the free version. However, the pro version is just that much better. 

I totally recommend this plug-in it just makes things so much easier as I can just import directly from Lightroom create a gallery and away we go. That means I can make a few quick edits in lightroom then create a proofing gallery that can be made on the fly to show clients in a matter of seconds that to me is the best feature with the lightroom plug-in. 

This Plug-in saves me so much time and effort quick and easy insert upload done.

Huge time saver for photographers

I've been suggesting to photographers for years that they use a customizable readymade template to get their photography websites off the ground quickly - but then transition to WordPress as soon as possible, to be able to get more significant SEO and all the plug-in benefits.

Now Imagely has created the perfect combination for photographers: a gorgeous, customizable turnkey template that is simple for non-coders to set up and manage AND immediately offers the entire WordPress advantage - not to mention dependable hosting, too!

It's a fantastic combination and a huge time saver for photographers looking to create striking-looking websites that also support smart business growth right out of the gate.

Tamara Lackey

Sleek & customization WordPress themes and plugins

When it comes to online digital solutions for photographers, there are a lot of options out there…but few that really have all the right tools under one roof.

Imagely offers website hosting, sleek & customization WordPress themes and plugins that are literally built from the ground up by photographers…for photographers.

I use their products and services throughout my website and couldn't be happier!

Colby Brown


What I look for in any company I use to support my business? Innovation. Easy communication. Willing to take risks. A fun contemporary attitude. Imagely has these in spades! Imagely has the future in their sights and yet does not forget about who they are serving
David Beckstead

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