Gravity Forms has become the defacto standard of form creation in WordPress. Its advantages and performance have proven themselves time and time again.

Photographers are using Gravity Forms for various purposes, like booking clients and contract signing.

That's why we created a booking form template for photographers to use and customize.

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What The Form Does

The reason we put the booking form together is straight forward. We want to make it simple for photographers to create their websites. One aspect of photography websites is a booking form.  So why make that process difficult? Using Gravity Forms, creating a booking process is quite simple.

Using the import tool within Gravity Forms, you can easily add the booking form template to your form collection. Once in your collection, you have the ability to edit the form to suit your specific needs, as well as notifications you and your client will receive.

Here is how the default booking form template looks.

Referral Tracking Included!

The form utilizes the same boilerplate tracking functionality we offer in our contact form template. With it, you will see referrals from any trackable campaigns you send out, like emails or on social media.

A trackable URL is a URL which contains a series of strings that define specific things.

  • Campaign Source defines where you are promoting the page, like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Campaign Medium defines the style of promotion you are doing, like an advertisement or organic post.
  • Campaign Term defines the general keyword related to the page, like wedding or engagement. This is more useful for advertisements rather than organic posts.
  • Campaign Content defines what the page is offering, which is also more useful for advertisements.
  • Campaign defines the name of your overall campaign.

Here is an example:

  • Before Trackable URL Builder:
  • After Trackable URL Builder:

As  you can see, the trackable URL contains additional strings, which are defining the items mentioned above.

  • utm_source=facebook which says the referral is from Facebook.
  • utm_medium=cpc which says the referral was an advertisement.
  • utm_term=wedding which says the keyword targeted on Facebook is "wedding".
  • utm_content=wedding%20guide which says the content promoted is a wedding guide.
  • utm_campaign=winter%20special which says the campaign is for a winter special.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

* Requires Gravity Forms to be installed on your WordPress website.
* The Gravity Forms link is an affiliate link
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