How to Gain Control Over Your Server's Email Address

NextGEN Pro relies on your server and WordPress to send email notifications. Some servers do not have the ability, built-in, to mask server email addresses and names. For example, some users have seen emails being sent from [email protected], which obviously isn't ideal.

This doesn’t just happen with NextGEN Pro, though. If your server doesn’t allow for a custom email address by default then any plugin which sends emails using your server using the PHP mail() function will experience the same issue.

There are many plugins available that enable you to connect your company email account to WordPress using SMTP. That would in turn make it possible for emails to be sent from [email protected] every time.

A popular solution is Mandrill, which is made by the people who make Mailchimp.

But there are some options which do not require a subscription, but rather just a SMTP like from Gmail or your host’s mail system.

We cannot say which will work perfectly as we have not tested any of them. However, we have seen many customers using each of them on their sites running NextGEN Pro. But with that said, here are others that might be worth looking into:

If you would like more instructions on setting these up, please check out this awesome article from WP Beginner which goes into more detail.

Of course you can also contact your host to ask them for assistance setting up SMTP.

I hope that helps and good luck!


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  1. Scott, I have spent 5 days now going back and forth with imagely support. I’m a NextGEN Pro user and have all the latest versions installed. My problem is getting email confirmations on the proofing gallery. Sometimes I will receive one but my client never receives one. Everything is set up as per Imagely instructions. What do you suggest?

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