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Imagely 2.0 – Translations

If you would like to translate to another language, you can use plugins like Loco Translate, and it will help you adjust the usual strings in the theme.

1.- Install the plugin Loco Translate, from the WordPress plugin repository. Go to Plugins > Add new > 
Search for the plugin "Loco Translate," use the "Install Now" button.

2- Activate Loco Translate.

2.- Create a template for your Theme: Go to Loco Translate > Themes > Select the theme that you are currently using.  Note: For this example, we'll be using "Iconic."

Choose the link "Create template."

Then, click on "Create template." That template will be created by default inside your Imagely theme's folder.

You will notice this message for some seconds

3.- Add a new language: If you want to adjust some words, you should do this step as well.

For this example, we are going to change a sentence from the original theme. I choose "English (United States)."

4.- Translate your theme: You should select the text that you want to translate and then adjust the translation below. 

After you have completed your translation, use the "Save" button.

5.- Check the translation: Your WordPress language should be the same if you want to review those changes.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us back.

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