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What are the common hosting issues with NextGEN Gallery?

WordPress was originally created in 2003 as a solution for blogging and quickly became one of the best solutions for CMS (custom management system) full websites. Having it be such a powerful and popular system, hundreds of hosting providers quickly added it to their list of software “supported” to attract users who wish to host their site using WordPress.

This is both good and bad. Good because many people are able to have a wide variety of choices for hosting. Bad, because not all hosts truly support WordPress. Many of those types of hosts are good for pretty much simple blogging with the most basic of themes and no plugins installed. But to fully use WordPress to its potential with powerful premium themes and plugins like ours, you’ll need the following in place with your hosting provider, starting with required settings in place: :

  • PHP version 7.3 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater
  • HTTPS support
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

Confirm with your hosting provider that you have set in your installed php.ini file:

  • PHP Safe Mode turned OFF
  • At least 250MB memory allowed
  • 30MB or larger upload limit
  • 30MB or larger post limit

Other settings to check:

  • 755 permissions set on /wp-content directory.  If your hosting environment requires higher than 755, you risk being vulnerable to hackers. This is a sign of a less supportive web host for WordPress. You should NEVER have to go as high as 777
  • GD Library enabled and activated on your hosting account

If after all the above is in place, you are still experiencing issues with getting NextGEN Gallery to work, we suggest contacting your hosting provider tech support to have them take a look into the error you’re experiencing. If they are unable to help, please submit a bug report to our developers here and we'll take a look and see if there is anything we can find to help resolve this issue.


We recommend the same hosts that WordPress recommends , like Siteground . 🙂  Most all settings required by premium themes and plugins are already in place, and working with WordPress is by far easier. This is why WordPress recommends hosts like these because they have some of the highest ratings of satisfied customers.

Testimonial from one of our users:

Just to say how impressed I am with your product. But to any new user I would say take Photocrati’s advice and move to Bluehost. With my old Hosting provider I had a lot of trouble with file permissions and HTTP upload errors when trying WordPress & Photocrati. So I took their advice and moved to a bluehost account. Everything worked out of the box perfectly.

I paid 2K for a bespoke website several years ago that was hard to maintain myself.  I have now been able to replace that with two sites that more accurately reflect my work for $79 and a few hours of my own time.

Brilliant product, thank you.

Dr Fionnbharr Ó Súilleabháin


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