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Sorting images in NextGEN Gallery

Sorting Images inside your Galleries

NextGEN Gallery has three different types of settings that you can use to sort your images or photographs inside your galleries.

Please note that these sort settings will be overwritten: the top priority corresponds to the settings inside a blog post or page, next is the sort settings inside a gallery and, finally, the settings inside Image Options.


Image Options

You can set up a default sort method to be used by your galleries.
Go to Gallery > Other options > Image Options.

NextGEN Gallery Imagey Options

  • On "What's the default sorting method?" you have five different options:
    • Custom: This is the default value of this setting, and it will allow you to change the order of your photos inside your gallery, blog, or page.
    • Image ID: Sort your images by Image id. This "id" is an incremental numeric value. Your Image Id is available on the "Id" column.
      ID column while you open a gallery.
    • Filename: It will sort your gallery using the filename.
      Filename of your image inside Manage Gallery
    • Alt/Title Text: It will sort your galleries by "Alt & Title Text" information. Sometimes this information is similar to the filename in case the uploaded image didn't have a title initially. You can adjust the title after upload.
      Location of the alt and title text
    • Date/Time: It will sort your images by the date. Please, take into consideration that the date used by NextGEN Gallery is based on the meta-information of your photograph. If you need to adjust that date, you need to do it before uploading your photo.
      Date of the image underneath the filename
  • On "Sort in what direction?" you have two options:
    • Ascending: from lowest to highest.
    • Descending: from highest to lowest.

You can set up a default order for each gallery if you like.

  1. Go to Gallery > Manage Gallery. Choose the gallery that you want to sort. 
    Note:  You need  "What's the default sorting method?" setup to "Custom" on Gallery > Other options > Image Options.
    Manage gallery, shows the gallery name underneath the gallery column
  2. Click on "Sort Gallery"
    Gallery settings, sort gallery button
  3. You can then sort by Image ID, Filename, Alt/Title text, Date/Time.
    Sort gallery options insde each gallery
  4. Or you can drag and drop each picture to the desired location
    Showing how to drag and drop images to change the sort order
  5. Finally, click on "Update Sort Order."
    Update sort order button

You should be able to arrange the order inside a blog post or page while adding your gallery display. This sort of setting will overwrite the rest of the settings globally or inside the gallery itself. Note:  You need  "What's the default sorting method?" setup to "Custom" on Gallery > Other options > Image Options.

  1. Insert your galley and chose the desired gallery display. For this example, we will use a Basic Thumbnail.
    Sort or Exclude image tab inside our Insert Graphic Window
  2. Then: Sort the gallery as you like, click on the "Insert Gallery."
    Different options to sort and the insert gallery button


Sorting Galleries inside your Albums

You can also sort your galleries inside your albums.

  1. Go to: Manage Albums > select the album that you want to edit.
  2. Arrange the gallery order (drag and drop) and save that order by clicking on the "Update" button.

Sorting galleries inside an album

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