If you utilize the tags feature of NextGEN Gallery, then this video might come in handy.

So as you can see, you have the ability to insert a gallery based on the tags that you're using.

You can select one, a few, or all tags if you really want to. But the fine-tune control can be very effective depending on your goal.

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Update 5-18-2020: We had a question in the comment below about tag clouds. I decided to answer it in a video so everyone can see other methods of galleries based on clouds.

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  1. Is this dynamic? If I tag a new image with “Massachusetts” will it automatically appear?

  2. Is there any way to get it to dynamically create a page with displaying a gallery of images with the selected tag (or even better, tags)? The tag cloud feature gets half way there, displaying all the tags available, but when you click on a tag, the tag cloud changes to a slide show of the images with that tag. I want the tag cloud to remain (e.g. in a widget on the side) and the appropriate images to be displayed in the main body of the page. Is this possible?

    1. You cannot create a page from tags like you are hoping based on your question. But you can create a page manually, then add a gallery based on whatever tags you select in the NextGEN Gallery block. Or you could use the new Front End Image Search option to display a search box, with filterable tags and a gallery of the images that fit the search/filter. I create a video for you to see: https://youtu.be/13USsAmn8r4

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