If you utilize the tags feature of NextGEN Gallery, then this video might come in handy.

So as you can see, you have the ability to insert a gallery based on the tags that you're using.

You can select one, a few, or all tags if you really want to. But the fine-tune control can be very effective depending on your goal.

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Update 5-18-2020: We had a question in the comment below about tag clouds. I decided to answer it in a video so everyone can see other methods of galleries based on clouds.

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  1. Is this dynamic? If I tag a new image with “Massachusetts” will it automatically appear?

  2. Is there any way to get it to dynamically create a page with displaying a gallery of images with the selected tag (or even better, tags)? The tag cloud feature gets half way there, displaying all the tags available, but when you click on a tag, the tag cloud changes to a slide show of the images with that tag. I want the tag cloud to remain (e.g. in a widget on the side) and the appropriate images to be displayed in the main body of the page. Is this possible?

    1. You cannot create a page from tags like you are hoping based on your question. But you can create a page manually, then add a gallery based on whatever tags you select in the NextGEN Gallery block. Or you could use the new Front End Image Search option to display a search box, with filterable tags and a gallery of the images that fit the search/filter. I create a video for you to see: https://youtu.be/13USsAmn8r4

  3. I’m a wedding Photographer (primarily) is there a way to split up one gallery into parts of the day. eg if the couple only want to see their portrait shoot, then they can select that?

    1. You could create multiple galleries with that segmentation and then an album with each of those galleries within it. Then by displaying the album you’re displaying each segment split the way you want.

  4. Scott you made a good demo, thanks. But when you did a “search”, then the tags showed.
    How can i make the tags show all the time, as an option above all images. I dream of a gallerie that shows all images, and then i whant to use tags to filter out images.
    – Sow the user can see all , and then choose tags/images they want to see.

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