An Important Lightroom Plugin Update About Connection Methods

Today we released an update of our Lightroom plugin for NextGEN Gallery.

We have begun deprecating the FTP capabilities of our Lightroom plugin. Before you go and quickly convert your connection to the HTTP method, here is some important information.

  1. If your connection is already FTP based, and it's working, then do not make any changes. Disconnecting means you will no longer be able to reconnect through FTP in the plugin.
  2. If you try to use the FTP connection for the first time you will be presented with a depreciation notice.
  3. If you switch to from FTP to HTTP then you will have to rebuild your galleries, as publishing will create duplicates.

Our HTTP connection method is more reliable than Lightroom's FTP module, which the plugin previously used. It can also handle your large files with ease.

One of the best parts of the HTTP method is the user key that is fetched from NextGEN Gallery as you set it up. It makes it real easy for you to get going fast from Lightroom to your WordPress site.

Here is a link to the changelog, for full details of what's changed.

Grab the update from your Imagely account and keep publishing.

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Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Chief Community Officer at Imagely. Learn more about the Imagely Team

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