NextGEN Pro 2.3.48 Now Available

whats-new-nextgen-gallery-plus-pro We are very excited to share this new update to NextGEN Pro. If you recall from the previous update we added tax options to the ecommerce system. Today we have added coupon codes and free products!

After many requests we have also brought back fullscreen support for desktop. You might notice some visual improvements to the Pro Lightbox as well.

Changes in 2.3.48:

  • NEW: Coupons and discount support
  • NEW: Free items and $0 orders
  • NEW: Gulp build system
  • NEW: Added "Enable fullscreen" option to Pro Lightbox
  • NEW: Added image thumbnail to lightbox sidebars (when browser width < 520px)
  • Changed: Increased size of Pro Lightbox sidebar
  • Changed: Pro Lightbox carousel no longer obscures the displayed image
  • Changed: Updated JustifiedGallery to 3.6.1
  • Fixed: Display the tax on the thank you page
  • Fixed: Dynamic ecommerce pages not being rendered correctly on home pages with no loop
  • Fixed: Resolved all found PHP warnings/notices/deprecations and strict errors
  • Fixed: Pro Mosaic spacing issue when margin option set to zero
  • Fixed: Convert PayPal Express Checkout module to use curl and fsockopen directly instead of using WP HTTP classes
  • Fixed: Display tax at PayPal Standard
  • Fixed: PayPal IPNs not being processed correctly for PayPal Standard
  • Fixed: PayPal Standard customer receipts have $0.00 order total

For the history of changes, view the full changelog.

Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Chief Community Officer at Imagely. Learn more about the Imagely Team

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  1. Are coupon codes universal for all galleries? Is there updated documentation for coupons on the site? Thanks!

  2. We are looking for a gallery plugin to build a virtual art gallery but we wonder if it would be able to add an artist profile button on all photos in the imageviewer in your pro plugin? A bit difficult to decide for a pro solution that has no trials.

  3. What happens with the FREE products? does a person have to go through a payment gateway or does the image just simply load?

    1. It requires a name and email address when the cart is $0, similar to the check gateway. If free products are included with paid products then it uses whichever gateway you have setup.

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