Photography Newsletters You Should Subscribe To, And Why

This is a fun article because we get to further help photographers learn more about the art, the business and so much more.

The list below will link to you to newsletters which we recommend subscribing to. Each will contain our reasoning for recommending them. We hope you will join their newsletters just as you do our own where you can receive WordPress advice, new blog content and podcast episodes.

Some of these links are affiliate links, but we believe in what they are emailing to their communities and trust in them completely.

  1. Tamara Lackey shares her beautiful photographs, new articles, new products, videos, and workshops. She also shares the happenings from Beautiful Together and Lush Albums.
  2. Colby Brown offers a consistent behind the scenes look of his travels, products he loves, upcoming workshops and The Giving Lens trips.
  3. Christine Tremoulet shares incredible content about blogging, social media, content creation and WordPress. She did name WordPress, after all.
  4. The Youngrens share so many insights into how to attract your perfect wedding client, how to market to them. How to be yourself and make your work shine.
  5. ShotKit sends gear inspiration (and envy), WordPress advice, website advice, software advice and even business advice!
  6. Jamie Swanson is someone you should learn photography business and marketing from.  Her newsletter is extremely detailed, and she offers so much free content that can help anyone improve their business.
  7. Blake Rudis is a go-to person for anything Photoshop. Through his F64 Academy and F64 Elite, he shares so many fantastic tutorials around enhancing your photographs in Photoshop. Subscribers also get access to live streams.
  8. Zach Prez shares new blog content from Photography Spark as well as new advice and products surrounding SEO, business and marketing and even Facebook advertising.
  9. SLR Lounge shares their weekly blog content, industry news and their latest tutorials. To sign up, you need to join as a member, even if its a free membership level.
  10. Digital Photography School has been a go-to source for photo education for many years. They cater to photographers of all genres and all levels. Their list shares the latest content for dPS as well as new products.
  11. Corey Potter and his business partner, Dylan, share so much SEO and marketing goodness in their Fuel Your Photos emails, that we can't deny their inclusion in this list. Quality meets reality and practicality.
  12. Rachel Brenke shares endless amounts of legal tips and business advice for photographers of all expertise.
  13. By joining Photography Concentrate's Explorers Club you get access to new tutorials, educational articles as well as behind the scenes looks at so much of their photography business.
  14. Scott Wyden Kivowitz (hey that's me) shares photography tips, curated content WordPress tips, and a very friendly and engaging series of emails. "Giving" is what this newsletter is about.
  15. The Design Aglow team is known for sharing incredible works of art, but much more than that. They share advice and samples and products to help make your photography business more beautiful. They also now offer AGLOW Magazine which contains additional inspiration, in print. By joining you also receive a few goodies.

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  1. So….lately I’ve been thinning out email subscriptions as I find them a distraction from doing the work… What do you recommend for time management with the firehose of information spraying at us every second of every day?

  2. About half the photographers on this list I don’t know so I better check them out. Thanks for posting!

  3. Thanks for the list. You have putted a great effort and research.

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