We're Excited About The Community At SLR Lounge, And You Should Be TooFor years our friends at SLR Lounge have been sharing amazing content with the photography community.

There has been free content about industry news, tutorials and lessons and inspiration. Every week there is text and video content to help photographers do more with their craft.

The team at SLR Lounge has also published numerous online courses to provide further, more detailed, education to photographers. These courses have commonly been solo ala cart... until now.

What started as an education platform for their own wedding photography business has turned into a leading public education platform.

We are happy to have partnered with SLR Lounge to share their incredible new membership platform, called SLR Lounge Premium.

slrlounge-premiumSLR Lounge Premium comes in three plan levels. The first plan is 100% free. There you can participate in conversations and receive exclusive notifications, as well as enter photo contests, critiques and bookmark your favorite SLR Lounge articles to review again later.

There are two paid levels, paid either monthly or annually.  As you can see, the first 1,000 people to sign up for the annual plan gets access to even more incredible content.

The paid membership levels get access to SLR Lounge premium tutorials, early access to new workshops, RAW files for practice, quizzes, assignments, member-only webinars and partner discounts.  In the partners section, you'll find incredible deals from all of SLR Lounge's partners, including us!


There are already many educational workshops available to premium members, including topics on lighting, HDR, portraits, Lightroom, boudoir and more. The team at SLR Lounge are regularly creating new workshops

Watch this video to hear about SLR Lounge Premium straight from the source.

If this has peaked your interest, or you would like to learn more, head over to SLR Lounge Premium today.

Click on the image below, and when you land on the SLR Lounge site, click on the Upgrade button at the top of the page to get started.

Use the coupon code, IMAGELY20 to save 20% off any SLR Lounge Premium membership plan.

SLR Lounge Premium

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