automated print fulfillment for WordPress

We're thrilled to announce a beta of our new print lab solution for NextGEN Pro!

That's right. You can now have print orders automatically fulfilled and shipped behind the scenes to your customers! We've partnered with White House Custom Colour, one of the leading print labs in the United States.

We're just a couple weeks away from an official release. We'd love to get additional testing and feedback. So if you're a NextGEN Pro user, and you've been waiting for automated print fulfillment, now is your chance!

This this is a fully working, complete beta with no known issues. You can use it to submit live orders to WHCC today.

How To Get Started

The service will be part of NextGEN Pro. If you’re an active NextGEN Pro user, visit the NextGEN Pro beta page for installation instructions.

We recommend that you run through the ecommerce set up wizard (you can skip steps you’ve already done).

To sell prints with WHCC, you’ll create a pricelist based on WHCC’s print catalogue, add your markup, associate your pricelist with a gallery, and display that gallery on your site. Any visitor can order prints from that gallery, and the print order will automatically shipped to customers.

We recommend that you test initially with the Test Gateway rather than Stripe or Paypal. With the Test Gateway, no one will be charged, and no orders will be submitted to lab. Be aware that if you submit a live order, you will be charged for the print order by the lab, so be sure you're ready if you conduct live orders!

Help and Documentation

We've added a new ecommerce setup wizard to NextGEN Pro that will walk you through the set up. Starting from scratch, you can have a working print lab gallery in 2-3 minutes.

You can also reference the lab integration documentation as you need it.

We've also put together a 3-minute video that shows you how to set up ecommerce and print lab fulfillment. You can watch that below. And can also find an infographic on how lab integration work by clicking here.

Beta Feedback?

As with any beta, please open a support ticket with your findings, questions and feature requests. We look forward to seeing your tickets.

Thanks! We'll be excited to bring automated print fulfillment to WordPress in just a couple weeks!

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  1. This is so exciting! Love NextGen and Love WHCC!

  2. Great news – when will it be available in the UK?

    1. Hopefully not long after launch. We either have to build our own international shipping calculator for WHCC or we have to integrate with an EU lab, like Loxley.

  3. With this update – is the order management process improved for orders that are manually fulfilled rather than using Automated Print Fulfillment or does it remain the same?

    1. Depends on what you mean by improved. It looks very similar currently, but now has some controls and statuses related to lab orders.

      1. Specifically the ability to manually complete orders – so the customer is informed that the order is complete and is being shipped.
        Also when using manual payment (cheque) there is no indication on the order notifcation received that the order is unpaid.

        1. When you say manually completing orders, do you mean showing the status as completed? If so, we’re working on multiple statuses including shipping with tracking info, etc. That’s all for a future update.

          You should have received a new order email from a check payment. If you didn’t please open a support ticket so our team can have a look.

          Be sure to send your feature requests through support as well!

          1. Scott,
            Yes I do get an email – but there is no indication on the status of the order (card, cheque etc) just the overall value.
            I’m glad to hear that you are working on status options for for orders as this is somewhat lacking currently.

  4. Great! I’ve been looking for something like that!

  5. Finally something the world really needs! Thanks for making this happen, Imagely team!!

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