Sell Your Artwork Online With WordPressAlthough NextGEN Pro and its Ecommerce features are designed with photographers in mind, there's no shortage of additional uses for the plugin.

Here's a great example.

One of our NextGEN Pro support members, Becky, creates beautiful digital paintings on her Windows computer. They're so well done you might even think they are physical paintings.

But they're not!

Becky's work is so beautiful, even President Bush has one of her pieces.  You can read that story here.

Becky Selling Her Artwork Online
Photo from "When I Met the President and Gave Him A Painting"

Ok, back to selling artwork.

Becky uses NextGEN Pro on her painting website because it makes it easy for her to sell digital downloads of her pieces as well as selling physical prints.

However, Becky sells her paintings as physical prints for the most part.

How Becky is Selling Artwork Online with WordPress

Digital Painting Sold Online with WordPress
Becky's digital painting, Superman Man Of Steel

Here's the process:

  1. Paintings are made digitally
  2. Paintings are saved in a high-resolution digital format
  3. Customers visit the website and purchase a print to hang on their wall, or to fit in a frame.
    1. 4x5 print
    2. 8x10 print
    3. 8x10 canvas on mount board
    4. 8x10 canvas wrap
    5. 4x4.5 greeting cards

Becky offers a wide range of print options, and the beauty of NextGEN Pro's Ecommerce feature is that she is not limited to what she can offer.

And there are no commissions for her to sell her prints.

Sell Your Artwork with WordPress

Becky isn't alone in using NextGEN Pro to sell her artwork. In fact, there are many NextGEN Pro customers doing this.

Because NextGEN Gallery and NextGEN Pro are image-centric plugins, they're designed with images in mind. That goes for organizing, displaying and selling images.

When you're out there looking for a WordPress plugin to sell your artwork, take a look at what NextGEN Pro can do for you.

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