Announcing Imagely Acquisition of Tesla Themes

Announcing Imagely Acquisition of Tesla ThemesAs CEO of Imagely, I'm excited to personally announce our acquisition of

TeslaThemes is well known and widely respected in the WordPress community. For years we have admired their work, especially the beauty of their designs. They now boast 67 gorgeous themes and thousands of happy customers with stunning websites. It'll be an honor for us to take on a theme company of Tesla's caliber.


One of the big things we want to do out of the gate is reassuring the existing TeslaThemes community that we don't plan to introduce any major changes that could affect backward compatibility or stability of the Tesla framework. Indeed, one of the reasons we're acquiring Tesla is that we like the product as is.

Initially, we'll focus on basic maintenance and support while we get to know the Tesla community and framework better. Beyond that, our goal is to do more of what Tesla has already been doing so well - creating beautiful new themes and continually enhancing the existing themes.


I also wanted to take this opportunity give our community a peek into Imagely's overall strategy, including how the TeslaThemes acquisition fits in.

In the coming years, we plan to grow in two directions: creating the World's best photography tools under the Imagely brand, and building out a portfolio of high caliber general-market WordPress themes and plugins.

The World's Best Photography Tools

The first part of our strategy is focused on WordPress solutions for photographers, centered around the Imagely brand, including NextGEN Gallery.

Imagely is fanatically committed to creating the best WordPress tools in the world for photographers and visual artists. In the last year, we launched our new managed hosting service, a new series of photographer-centric WordPress themes, multiple new gallery displays for NextGEN Gallery, and a new Adobe Lightroom plugin that allows photographers to manage NextGEN Galleries directly from Lightroom.

Still coming this year, we're nearly finished with a complete and beautiful redesign of the NextGEN Gallery back-end interface. And we're hoping to release the biggest project we've worked on ever: automated print fulfillment. Automated print fulfillment allows photographers to sell prints from their websites, and have those prints automatically delivered via the print lab without any intervention on their part. This functionality drives many large companies in the photo industry - SmugMug, ShootProof, Pixieset, Zenfolio, Photoshelter, and others. But it's not possible yet on WordPress. Bringing a full a print solution to WordPress has the potential to revolutionalize the photo industry and make WordPress the default web solution for photographers that it should be.

Building a Portfolio of Non-Photography Themes and Plugins

Our company has always straddled the WordPress and photography worlds, and we've focused on that nexus. But starting this year, we've also decided to dive into the more general WordPress market. The acquisition of TeslaThemes represents our first step in that direction - an awesome, but not photographer-centric WordPress company.

As I've noted, we love Tesla's products and we can't imagine a better way to start building out our portfolio of general WordPress products. We're looking forward to getting to know the Tesla community, and to continuing the company's upward march as one of the most popular theme company in the WordPress ecosystem.

In the coming years, we'll be both building and be acquiring a range of other WordPress theme and plugin companies. I'll even add a small call here: if you have a solid WordPress product, with a great brand and stable revenue over around $200,000, and you are looking to exit, feel free to reach out to me directly to chat.

We want to congratulate the TeslaThemes team for their sale, and thanks them for their professionalism during the acquisition process. We're looking forward to a great future.

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  1. Hearty Congratulations on acquiring Telsa Themes ?

    I am keen on knowing what benefits will be passed on to the existing Imagely members, for e.g, some kind of special discounts on purchasing Telsa Themes developer or lifetime subscriptions.

  2. Congrats to both Tesla and Imagely. Hope my market will also have a same milestone someday.

  3. Hello
    what’s about current lifetime subscriptions at Tesla Themes?

  4. What about existing customers? I have Subscription Developer Lifetime

  5. Indeed! TeslaThemes folks are very co-operative. I was working with them before the acquisition.
    Congrats Imagely. Wish you good luck and I’m sure, you guys will jump to the next level.

    1. Thank you, Mustaasam, I am glad you loved working with. Wish you best of luck in your businesses as well.

  6. Just curious. I have a lifetime license with Tesla. Will my lifetime license continue to be honored and not canceled or changed? I am hoping not, but I was just curious. Please let me know. Gary

  7. Congrats on the purchase. Will this have any impact on those of us with lifetime memberships to Telsa?

    Also, will any of NextGEN move into the Tesla subscriptions?

    Thank you.

    1. Nothing is changing for existing lifetime customers.

      No, NextGEN Gallery is 100% separate from Tesla Themes and will remain an Imagely product here.

  8. For those of us that bought the initial Lifetime License on Tesla Themes, will this still stay in effect for you guys moving forward? As a photographer as well, I appreciate Imagely’s work on the NextGEN’s LIghtroom Plugin and I look forward to see how Imagely will develop TeslaThemes, but also hope they will grandfather in the people that have purchased a Lifetime License.

  9. Hello,

    As a Delevoper member of Tesla Themes, when I acquired the product I was given full rights to all existing and upcoming themes, as well as support. I was also told that Tesla would relase a few themes a year (and they have been doing so), and each will be added to the portfolio available to exisitng full-rights members, like me.

    Could you clarify if the same conditions apply (as they should apply for existing members), as well as the premise of building additional themes per year, and keep access to them?


    1. Nothing is changing for existing lifetime customers. Regarding additional themes. At this moment we are in transition mode. So we are learning about the Tesla Themes community, the products, etc. So we will only be maintaining the products and doing bug fixes or the time being. We want to create new designs in the future, once things are settled and at a comfortable level like the rest of our products.

      1. I am a lifetime member too. I have access to every new theme and this is why I subscribed to lifetime membership. I hope this will remain the same.

  10. Hi,
    i have a lifetime subscription to TeslaTheme, this acquisition will affect my plan?

      1. this must be on copy and paste at this point. lol. I’m not sure people are reading. 🙂 Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what you guys bring to the table. This is pretty exciting!

  11. Although Tesla Themes are excellent, the former management was not interested in working with web designers to pull through business. I never understood why?

    Although the former owners revenue would have probably dramatically increased, it seems that the original management were designers at heart and not business people. Perhaps the new owners will take a business approach to their products; I think that they will. I hope so.

  12. Hello Scott,
    Thank you for your zen attitude, when customers are so anxious that they don’t take a moment to read previous questions: “what about my initial lifetime subscription?” (For all, the answer is “Nothing is changing for existing lifetime customers” 😉
    I was searching for a “training oriented” WP Tesla theme, but this kind of theme doesn’t exist yet. I’m an independent trainer, and I want to propose online courses.
    So you “want to create new designs in the future”, right? Maybe it’s an idea 🙂

    Congrats to Imagely

    1. Didier, I don’t know about the rest, but at least in my case, when I asked the question about lifetime membership there were no questions at all (then, of course, no answers either 🙂 ), mine seem to be the first question, so I am not sure if it was a bug, or if they realeased all the questions from everyone in one shot, once they were approved by the moderator.

  13. I see.. So Tesla theme been acquired.. Congrats!!!! And thank you for not changing the subscription system as I have also the lifetime developer license…

    Will you be releasing new templates in this year?

  14. Congratulations on acquiring Telsa Themes and thank you for your clear statement, that nothing will change for tesla lifetime members!
    I fully agree with you, that it will take some time to learn about the existing tesla products before developing new themes plus maybe a complete new framework. Here is my (very personal) wishlist for future themes: 1) Integration of ELEMENTOR Editor instead of VisualComposer 2) Creating a “Basic” Theme with a lot of customization features (like “GeneratePress”)

    1. I agree with both points, except that rather than eliminate VisualComposer in favour of Elementor, why not make the switch optional (or both co-exist)? Many people have gotten used to VC, and a change will not only make it a steeper learning curve, but also might force them to redo their pages due to compatiblities issues.

  15. Congratulations on the Tesla deal! Looking forward to see what you’ve planned for the future, especially in combination with your plugins. It’s also an interesting announcement that you’ve planned to acquire more WordPress businesses. 🙂

  16. Congrats on the deal. Any word on integrating/transitioning Tesla themes to Genesis Framework like Imagely themes?

  17. Many congratulations to you all for the acquisitions 🙂

    I have been a customer of TeslaTheme since years and I am sure the company is in good hands.


  18. Congratulations, as a Teslatheme customer with a developer lifetime license I am happy to see that nothing is changing for lifetime subscribers. I don’t personally use your previous products but look forward to seeing them. I’ll have to check them out when I am better with photography if I ever decide on a photo blog. Goodluck!

  19. How the fate of the affiliates, i am looking for money for living expenses only through teslathemes, please dont remove affiliates because i have long been affiliates teslathemes and it proved to pay all the comission (50%) that i got


    please reply

    1. One of the commenters asked about the fate of Tesla Themes Affiliate Program, but there has been no response.

      Will Imagely do away with affiliates?


  20. Wow, congrats to both parties! I’m looking forward to seeing more high-caliber works from you guys. Kudos!

  21. Congrats on the purchase.
    Will both members of each Website have access to all themes?
    Telsa and Imagely themes rolled into 1. access for all the lifetime and new members.

  22. Congratulations, as an owner of a lifetime membership I am very happy to hear nothing is changing. I have been browsing your WordPress plugins and there is no doubt in my mind I will be picking those up as well.

    Looking forward to more awesome themes from you guys.

  23. Hi,
    I have been a client of teslathelmes for more than two years, this month the membership with telsa expired, I saw the advertisement and went to imagely to buy the subscription, I have a doubt, I have created several pages with the Telsa templates, I need support in One, should I buy back the subscription with telsa or imagely can you help me?


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